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NZ shooting
Tuesday, we did a training which involved watching the NZ Masque. We watched from the start of the recording to the end and asked the room to hold all comments till the end of the video.

When the video was over, the room people had a wide range of emotions on their faces, from total sadness to anger. It opened up a lot of great discussion.

Here are few of the key points that came from the discussion, which had both men and women, young (in the 20s) to retired folks. 
  • The first point was how long the murder had and how the police never arrived. It brought up a good discussion on the local police response time and how long 5 minutes can be when you are waiting for help and how much damage can be done.
  • The was a good debate on rather long guns should be used in church safety. After pointing at the approximate dimensions of the room that most of the murdering occurred in, those that regularly shot realized that one person with a pistol could of completely changed the outcome. Outside of the building when the murderer was shooting people, a long arm would of leveled the playing field, inside the building the pistol was on a level playing field.
  • Compliance was no option. The murderer killed men and women, ages 3 y/o to 77 y/o. It was pointed out if the group of men had just charged the lone murderer when he first entered the room that they would of overpowered the murderer. Yes, some would of been wounded/killed, but the number of men in the room would of been able to overtake the murderer. Yet, since they opted to hide/tried to exit, they were murdered.
  • We talked about how society has discouraged men from being masculine. Men have a responsibility to their families to be men. It doesn't mean you are a bully, on the contrary, a man is one who stands up against the bully. We can't allow the media, social activist, or political parties define what a man is and what male masculinity is. Men have a God given role and need to fulfill that role.
There was a lot of good discussion and I believe the biggest eye opener to the majority in the room was just how much damage/death can be brought to a place in a relatively short amount time that seemed like an eternity as everyone was waiting for the police to show up. 5 minutes doesn't sound long, 5 minutes is a very long time when a person is walking around your building shooting people. 

(Please understand there was NO police bashing. People were aware of the response time that police have, but until you see how the time can be used and how much damage can be done, it was a HUGE eye opener to many in the room. No one was complaining the police had failed, but just discussing the time and coming to the realization that they have to be able and ready to respond UNTIL the police can get there.)
When seconds count the police are only minutes away
Sounds like a very good discussion.  It's not bashing police to realize that 99.9% of the time they are a reactionary force.  That is simply a numbers game.  When you have one Officer/Deputy/Trooper responsible for a zone, they simply cannot be everywhere in that zone at the same time.  Not to mention police responding from farther away and taking into account traffic and other obstacles.  

Thus a person is there own frontline first-responder simply because they are the one that is there, right now.  

This brings up a point of discussion.  One that we've touched on here before but worth discussing further; Pistol capacity and reloads.

The caveat is that yes, most people will never fire their EDC pistol/revolver.  Most people will never be in a shoot-out.  However, in many ways that % chance is increasing.  Lone wolf terrorists.  Terror cell activities.  Normal crime.  Crazed people on drugs (increasing number and the drugs are getting worse).  Flash mobs and socially/politically motivated violence on a large scale.  Church shootings.  Just some examples to toss out.  In other words, if something is going to go south, there is a higher likelihood of it really going south.  How much more of a % is situational.  So while an LCP in your pocket in/around the house will likely be more than you'll ever need, what about out-and-about?  

Most of us here are active or prior L.E. or prior military or individuals that regularly and consistently train with firearms.  In other words, were a level or three above Joe Citizen who isn't a 'gunny'.  Do we still feel 'fine' with that single-stack pistol and no spare magazine?  Yes, in most situations it is more than enough.  But what if it isn't 'most situations'?  Are 5-9 rounds going to be enough?  What if there is more than one attacker rampaging through the building?  I'm not suggesting walking around with a full-sized sidearm and 8 extra mags.  But what is the comfortable yet practical compromise?  If we are the ones responding to a situation, what do we want on us at the time to deal with that situation?  

I mainly carry one of two different pistols.  My official off-duty is, of course, the Glock 26.  My second choice is the Ruger LC9s.  The Ruger is far more comfortable to carry, although the Glock isn't what I'd consider terrible to carry.  It is, after all, a baby Glock.  But recently someone on another board made an observation (on two different guns) that I think applies in this situation.  The Glock, even though it's a baby-Glock, is a combat handgun whereas the Ruger is a concealed handgun.  The Glock, in the configuration I use, has 16-rounds on-board and a second G19 magazine as a spare with another 15-rounds.  So 31 rounds total and available.  The Ruger has 8-rounds on board with another 7 available in a spare mag.  So I've got more in the G26 itself than the Ruger AND the spare mag combined.  So if I 'knew' something was going to happen that day I'd obviously go with the Glock (and yeah, avoid it if I knew it was coming in the first place).

And it's situational.  Later today I'm going to a funeral so I'll be in a suit.  The Ruger is simply the better choice as it is more easily concealed.  So I'm not discounting the Ruger or any single-stack.  I quite like them and feel they have a top-shelf spot in the inventory.  Just batting around the pros and cons of each type of platform.  I don't feel uncomfortable carrying the Ruger and actually, it's the one I carry more often.  Just using the thread as a sounding board I suppose.  

I have a 9-round magazine for the Ruger that I just got which would provide a total of 10 rounds on tap.  However, I haven't tested it yet with my carry ammo so I haven't started carrying it yet.  

I've tossed around the G43X as a possibility.  It overcomes the issue that I had with the G43, namely just a 6-round magazine.  And of course, it's a platform I'm familiar and comfortable with for decades.  I always carry a spare mag out of habit so that would provide 21 rounds.  So less than the G26 but of course more than the Ruger.  Again, just mussing things out loud.  I'd still have to hold one to see how it feels to me.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
As you have pointed out that is situational.

Around the house, G42/G43 while I due yard work, walk the dog etc. or if I'm just running to the grocery store, etc. good chance I will have one of those.

At work, I will have the G26 or G43X (been carrying the 43X as I get more comfortable with it). I like the increase round count these two provide (30(12+1 and 17 spare) and 21 (10+1 and 10 spare) rounds)and my EDC bag is setup with spare mags for the G26. ETS is supposed to be releasing a 20 round magazine for the G43x/G48 and Shield Arms is supposed to release a 15 round magazine that is a flush mount for the G43x/G48. Once these get released and tested, they will be added to make the G43X/48 a greater capacity firearm.

If I'm going to St. Louis area, G26 is what I carry. It has the flexibility to go from the small gun to a 33-rounder and I shot it just fine.

At church on the safety team, I carry my G19 with extra mag and the EDC bag is close by.

Most of the time I have a spare magazine on me for whatever gun I'm carrying. In general with my pistol selection and the spare magazine I feel that I will be able to get the family out of immediate danger.

The issues that erupted in Ferguson, MO a few years ago and the ability to be caught in something like that is why I go with a double stack on my trips to St. Louis.

PS-if we are out and about shopping, running around, etc. and decide to head over to St. Louis, I won't go home and switch guns just because we are heading across the river, whatever pistol I have on me, I will make work.

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