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Seeker 2 Pro
My Seeker 2 Pro arrived yesterday. I took it out for just a few minutes this morning, so I need more time to play with it to get a good feel. 

My initial impressions are very nice size, good grip texture, and I like it uses my standard Olight chargers. I think I would compare the Seeker 2 Pro to the X7R. The Seeker 2 Pro appears to be a miniature X7R. The light is a floodlight, with a decent amount of throw. Obviously the Seeker doesn't have as much light as the X7R, but throws a similar type of pattern. 

I need to get the light out and compare it to a few of the others I have to get a good feel for it.

I love seeing how much better each new offering is. They are really doing great things. I'll eventually buy a Warrior X just so I have a long gun weaponlight.

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