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Bunkers, Go or no Go?
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I have been looking at bunkers as one of my options for a survival retreat. I want to know if it’s the best option. If so, how does one build an underground bunker? How much does it cost? What is the best way to build one if you live in a climate with hot summers and colder winters? What are some good books on setting up a bunker and bunker survival? How will I generate power? What are better options than an underground bunker?
Not overly costly and safe way is to use precast concrete culverts...
square culverts or round concrete pipe, already reinforced , easily buried
A couple of thoughts.

1. If you live in an area subject to tornadoes, you can find a dealer who will install one for you. You don't have to re-discover the wheel, make mistakes, and have difficulties in dealing with the local building and safety commission or office.

2. Many jurisdictions have pre-approved standard, federal fall out shelters. If you go this route, you will have few problems with building and safety and have probably access to lists of materials and perhaps even some videos.

The biggest problems with do-it yourselfers - 1. doing a crummy job (the guy next door, in the middle of Los Angeles) did his own roof. He never fixed the headers or splitters. Took him a measured one year! 2. doing a half-baked job and stopping in the middle (my kid thinks he can do anything with cars. Bought a car last month. Never had a competent mechanic check it out. Now learns that the car is on its last legs and still insists he can do the repairs.)
Search "shipping" containers,that will led to links for the 5ws.Vent/human waste/water/power ect.Being able to see yer ao while in the bunker.The ability to "filter"/collect water by either well+rain or either/both.The ability to hear radio traffic,knowing the A/O yer at.In a shtf,the comms will be simple.Scanners and away to power them is gold.A HAM network is golden,info is the most important thing in a shtf scenario.'08.

I will "stick" this thread,I know a wee bit about this topic.

Subject to admin review.
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Look at ICFs (insulated concrete forms) for building a bunker. Basically it is styrofoam building blocks that you can assemble by yourself and then have concrete poured into. Makes a heavily insulated, monolithic, bullet proof structure. Can be assembled by just about anyone, can be underground, like a basement. Can pour the floor and walls and ceiling all at one time which makes it a monolithic structure.
(05-05-2019, 06:43 PM)mac66 Wrote: Look at ICFs (insulated concrete forms) for building a bunker.

I did and watched a video.  Very interesting.  I also found a video where a guy poured his own concrete unit for about $3000 - 12x20 feet. - which explained the whole process and prices in detail.  It convinced me to have a professional do it.
Thanks for the help, guys. Another question. How will I defend my bunker and the land around it in the event of an attack? I know the idea behind an underground bunker is to stay concealed, but I want to know what to do in the event of a worst case scenario. I also found this video you all might find interesting.

I will reiterate my previous question: how will I generate power? I have a family friend who lives on land that has geothermal activity, and he is looking into using it to produce power for his house. (He already uses it to heat his house and greenhouse.) The option he has been looking at is called a seebeck generator, shown here,

If possible, I want to find land in Montana with geothermal activity so I could do something similar. His land has numerous hot springs. Anyone know what hot springs do to property prices in Montana? Would it be a better idea to use standard hydroelectric power from a creek to produce power for my bunker? You’re the experts. Could you help me out?
Don't know anything about geothermal.

Most underground bunkers I've seen or are aware of use 12v batteries and a combination of a gas generator and solar panels. The genset is typically in an underground chamber adjacent to the bunker. There have electric starters so you could turn them on an off remotely. The solar panels would be conspicuous but would keep the batteries charged when you weren't there. Perhaps mounting them on poles away from the bunker would make them less conspicuous.

Hydroelectric (and wind power) is another possibility if available but you would still need a means (batteries) to store your power.
Another question. NBC filters and ventilation. How will I implement these things and maintain proper ventilation? This is very important as without proper ventilation a bunker turns into an oven with low oxygen levels. Who makes the best NBC filters?

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