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Olight product show
We just got back from the NRA and Olight announced three new lights coming out in the near future.

The first, is the Seeker 2 Pro. Smaller than the original, but brighter and with a longer run time. There will be a flash sale on those this Friday and info is already up on their website.

At the end of May, the PL-Pro (yes all three models say pro) will becoming out. It is 1,500 lumen, which was sticking bright. Yet, it has a nice feature, you can set the light to 300 lumen or to the 1,500 lumen and it will remember the setting. In addition, it is rechargeable and uses the standard Olight charger (same thing as the Seeker 2, they are trying to standardize the chargers so you don't need a specialty charger for each style light). 

Finally, in June, they will be releasing Javelot Pro. They had two protypes of this product there, which they gave away (they gave away two models of each light, 30 L docks, and everyone got a I3T and hat). Javelot Pro has increase runtime and 1,080 meters of throw. Looks interesting, but was on the bottom of my list.

The Seeker 2 Pro will be one that I pick up.  It was neat being at the product launch event and they had decent food and drinks.

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