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How do you get a water out of a 30 or 50 gallon container easily, efficiently?

The first response is probably to get a long piece of tubing, stick it in, suck on it, etc.  Ok.  Now let's add a couple of realistic parameters.  You aren't doing it.  Someone else is going to do it.  Moreover, you don't want to be sticking your tubing on the ground and possibly contaminating it. 

My approach is to buy a Red Chinese battery operated pump.  There aren't quality builds on the market and you have to keep a spare around and keep the batteries out of the siphon when not in use.

Today, I am doing the bi-annual gasoline rotation and I provide my experience with the smaller or shorter battery operated pumps.
1.  I am not Rambo.  I don't relish holding a 40 pound 5 gallon gasoline container in the air while pouring the gasoline into a car.
2.  I am not a complete fool.  I don't want to put in some tubing and suck on the tubing until the gasoline hits my lips.
3.  The RC battery operated pumps may last a few seasons and then fail.  So, I have spares.
4.  The plastic tubing used on the RC units is a specialty item and will fail.  So, like today,  this is what I was doing.
     I inverted a plastic trash can and used it as a base.  I put the 5 gallon container on top.  I put the batteries in the unit.  The unit had a shortened, but still usable flimsy tubing (I said that the quality is bad).  I put the shortened end into a funnel stuck into the gasoline inlet.  The unit wouldn't work.  Ok.  I tried another unit and it was corroded.  Carefully, I used a pair of pliers and saved the plastic tubing from both units. 

So, you deal with reality.  My girlfriend cannot lift a 40 pound can of gasoline.  There will come a day when it will be more than a strain for me as well.
I picked up a couple of manual pumps... I think they were about $9 when bought.

[Image: 71iTgc4sGxL._SL1328_.jpg]
As usual, I did two searches - one on Amazon to read the reviews, and a second generally on firefox. 

The quality on manual siphons generally suck as well.  It isn't a matter of wanting to use one for water one day and gasoline the next.  It is a matter of reading the reviews and learning that some poor soul bought one for transferring gasoline, that he had not read the reviews and learned that a model fails the first time or the second time.
This guy seems to have solved the problems associated with a hand siphon pump.  If it were not for the video, it would have been impossible to understand his approach.

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