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Brought one more into the pro-gun world
The short of a long story, my wife's niece had an incident at her home where she was outside with her two kids and a black man came running down the road and jumped the fence, followed very quickly by 10 police officers. They captured the man. 

This incident made her realize how defenseless she was and how she had a responsibility to her kids. 

She got a hold of my wife, who signed her up for her carry conceal class at the end of May. We took her to the range this afternoon and it was the first time she shot a pistol. After going through all the safety rules, firearm operation, loaded her up with one round and placed her at 5 yards. Started her with G19 and helped her understand sight picture and basic firearm operations. 

Moved onto G48 and then the G42. She fired at least 15 rounds through each firearm. We then let her pick which one she wanted to keep shooting and she selected the G42.

We fired 50 rounds through it and got her hitting the target at 10 yards. She is excited now and ready to take her class. We had a lot of good discussion about proper firearm storage when the pistol isn't on her so the little hands can't get to it. She tried on some of Rhonda's holsters and different options. 

I wouldn't of guessed that she would of ever been pro-gun, yet alone getting her permit. Although one incident can make all the difference in the word.
Reality just struck!
It is very rewarding when you can help someone have an epiphany.  We had a lovely couple that we've known for many years come stay with us after the husband retired from NY.  They stayed with us while looking for their own place here in Florida (it's a Federal law that when you retire from NY you have to come to Florida Wink.  The husband was a Democrat raised in NY.  Not a snowflake uber-liberal man, just a sincere Democrat all his life.  We got talking and discussing the difference between a free state and a draconian state like NY.  He was shocked at first because that was all he had been exposed to his whole life.  Long story short, I trained both him and his wife, they both got their CCW and they purchased an LC380 and are looking for a good deal on a second pistol.  

When a person realizes their rights and the fact that they are their own first line of defense it is a very good thing.  Not just for themselves but for their community as a whole.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.

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