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Took the 48 and 43X to the range
I shot the G48 in a match on Saturday and came in third from last. Four out of five stages I did well on, the one stage I fell apart. I have to work on trigger control especially when they had six targets out at 30 yards. That really hurt my score. The G48 ran well and I plan on shooting it again this Thursday evening at a match.

My Trijicon XR sights came in and I installed them Sunday after the church and went to the range. 

This is firing the G48 at 10 yards with 20 rounds to the head and 10 to the body. I have to pay attention to my trigger pull because it is easy to pull the shots left. Although I think with a little practice, I should be able to overcome that.

I also got the G43X out and this picture is of 10 rounds to the head from 7 yards. 

Both guns ran well, it is just going to take a little practice to get quicker with them and to not pull the trigger left. The wife tried them both and she really struggled with pulling the shots left. When she slowed way down, she could get her hits.

We fired about 200 rounds combined through the guns and went well. We had five failure to feeds, with the last three of them we called. The first two failure to feed I was surprised and was wondering what was wrong? Wife started watching as she was loading the ammo and she identified the other three rounds that was going to jam. The ammo was out of spec. It was some old Freedom Ammunition ammo manufactured just before they went bankrupt. You could see in the boxes of ammo we had, you stand three rounds next to each other and everyone of them was a different size.

I have new ammo from Freedom that i'm going to give a try on Thursday and see if the quality has improved.
Very nice!  

I'm chomping at the bit to get back out to the range.  I'll hopefully be off light duty in a couple of weeks and can head out to the range.
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My buddy just switched to a 48 for competition. He has small, crippled hands and struggles with most regular grips. The 48 fits him much better and once he gets used to it, should help him a bunch.
I have short fat fingers, so hoping the smaller grip, but same length of slide will help me once I get to use it.

I have made up my mind that I will give it a couple of months of trying it before I decide. Normally, I try a gun one, two times then run right back to my G19 because i didn't shot it as well as the G19.

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