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How much ammo?
How much ammo do you feel is appropriate for your needs (defense, training, competition etc).  How much ammo do you use on a monthly basis for training?
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
In my view there's no such thing as too much ammo. Depending on time of year, I go through 400-800rds a month in competition. I don't train at all and my defensive use is very limited.
I like to buy cases of ball ammo on sale and get a little nervous under 5000rds in inventory. I keep 100rds, give or take, of premium defensive ammo on hand for each caliber. If I go through that, the ball ammo will suffice.
During the winter months we don't shot as much and I might go through 200-300 rounds. Now that spring is here, my shooting will go up and the wife is getting in back to normal, we will go through 500-600 rounds in a month (I will usually shot three matches (75-100 rounds) and she will usually shot 2 matches (75-100) plus her ladies training group (50 rounds)).
I generally keep 2-3000 rounds on hand for most of my main calbers, though i have a lot more of some than others. I keep 100-200 each for my hunting rifles. I probably have upwards of 50,000 rounds of 22lr stashed away.

I generally dont shoot much anymore. Probably less than 500 rounds (other than 22s) a year.
Good call Mac, I forgot about 22lr. I usually have North of 10k rounds, but need to stock up some more.
I have always said that about 100rnds will be way more than you need to get through any SHTF situation. Consider - in any SHTF, one of us could be shooting at one of us for whatever reason. Do you really think any of us would last for 100 rounds against any other person here?

That said - I usually keep ~1000 rounds on hand for most calibers. Exceptions:
Probably ~5k .22 because its small
Probably 2-5k 9mm, because I shoot it all the time.
Probably 2-3k of 7.62x39. Because its fun.

But again - shooting is a hobby. I plowed through a couple hundred rounds of 9mm at lunch the other day.

And I have also said that before you buy 1000 more rounds of ammo, you need another week of food/water/meds...typical pepper: 10,000 rounds of ammo, but not 10 days of fresh water.
I buy ammo not because i need it, but because it is reletively cheap and easy to stock up before it is not available. During the panic i didnt have to buy one round of ammo (22 or otherwise) even though i was shooting about every week. Buying ammo doesnt take away from my other preps.
As we've talked about here before, I don't stockpile ammo for the apocalypse. I shoot a bunch and don't want to run dry. I never understood the folks who keep little ammo on hand so every range trip starts with a stop at Walmart to buy ammo. That makes even less sense when prices spike and availability drops.
The last year or two have been great to stock up because ammo has been mostly back to pre-panic prices. I'm hoping to double my current amount before the election crap starts up again.
So I bought some ammo today. I took stock of just the 9mm. I have 5 9mm Pistols.

I have:
850 rounds of WWB/Federal/UMC/Tula target ammo. 115 FMj's...
450 rounds of NATO 124
350 rounds of Federal HST/Speer Lawman/Hornady etc. premium mostly in 124+p

About 1700 rnds all in, and as I said - low since I've been shooting it.

Also, with just one .45 I have about 300 rnds of target ammo and 150 JHP.

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