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Did a little more testing
At the family farm and took some of my Olights figuring we would be there til dark.

I started with Warrior M2R which I had in my pocket. The well house is about 50 feet away from the deck and it had no problem lighting it up. The barn is about 160 feet from the house and it did ok lighting it up. I could make out stuff in the barn from the deck and would be able to identify items. Shined it towards the field entrance gates, which was about 260 feet away. I could see the gate, it would of most likely let me identify a person (couldn't talk the wife into walking out there to let me see). I then shined it towards the north field gate, about 380-400 feet away and I would say that I could see if something was there, but it wasn't lit up. 

I then tried the X7R. The well house looked like daylight and so did the barn. The whole area was lit up, not just a narrow path. You could see in the barn and anything outside the barn. Could make out the field gate (260 feet) and that area and the surrounding area was lit up well. I turned towards the north and no issues seeing to the north gate. What was interesting was to see how much more this light flooded out. I could identify anything in this area and it wasn't a narrow area, but a very large wide area being lit up. My guess, the north gate at around 400 feet was probably getting close to the usable light limit, 100 to 150 feet more is a tree line and it did light up the trees. 

Finally I tried the Warrior X. It burnt a hole through he well house with its focused beam. No issues lighting up the barn. The difference I noticed between the Warrior X and X7R was the amount of area that was lit up. The X7R really lit up a large area compared to the focused beam of the Warrior X. Although the Warrior X beam would have no issues blinding someone at any of the distance I shined it at. Warrior X lit up everything i pointed it at and went further than I had the ability to shine it (the house sets in a valley, so the furthest I had to shine it was 500-600 feet). Everywhere I pointed the Warrior X it lit that spot up. 

Both the Warrior X and the X7R was able to light trees up at 500-550ft range. The X did a much better job, but the area lit was very focused. The X7R lit up a much larger area, but by no means would of blinded anyone and my guess is you would of seen there was a person there, but not made out much detail (couldn't talk the wife to walking out there either).

So, that is the latest testing of the lights.
Good practical field test.  I'll beat even though the Warrior X had a narrower beam, it was still spotlighting a 30-foot area at those far distances.  So imagine the area the XR7 was lighting up at distance!  

This gives you a good idea of what to grab for specific needs.  I should do the same type of test...
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
I did some mundane testing today.

I repackage bulk batteries into cheap RC clear plastic 4 and 8 battery containers. This applies when I am putting AA or AAA batteries in containers with say a radio for shtf or in the car for shtf. No, I am not going to recycle them. It is like paying an insurance premium and hope that you never collect. Then, periodically, I will take a couple of batteries from each pack and confirm that the batteries are still close to full.

Today, I examined the batteries in the car. A couple had leaked. However, because the RC containers do separate batteries within a plastic pack, the damage was very limited.

Very simple. Test the rest of the batteries from the pack, wash out the RC plastic container and let air dry overnight.

The is an outfit in Texas that specializes in importing top quality batteries, particularly 18650s. There was a flash sale at $1.99 each for 2600 mh on a top rated 18650. Didn't need them, but bought 10. When they come in, I will do an initial cycle and then dedicate the order to one game camera in the backyard.
I have started being more careful with how I store my batteries. I have several little plastic containers that hold two batteries each that keep them from touching and if they would leak would contain most of it.
The thread got me ambitious to test out mt Nitecore EA11 again.  It is not a thrower but on turbo reaches out 100 feet or more sufficiently to see an object or threat.  It does flood an area nicely however with very bright light.  The various modes are great and I cycled through the blinky functions, which are one of the reasons I purchased this particular light.  Need to stay more familiar with how to activate those functions though.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
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Nitecore EC23

I have a snap-ware clear plastic container holding a Nitecore EC23 with charged batteries (stored outside the light) sitting under the desk. 

This is the one that I want (with its range of options) if the balloon goes up when I am sitting at my desk.  I need the 1 lumen and the high end as well.  It is my "no compromise" light.

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