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Disappointing range trip with the G43X
Took the G43X to the range this afternoon. Fired 200 rounds (150 FMJ and 50 Federal 147 HST). Wife and a friend of mine went with me. Started out at 10 yards and as you would expect, the first 10 rounds were a little low and left. Next ten, I worked very hard on my grip and still left, just not low. 

I'm thinking to myself when I fired the first 20 rounds I was dead on, but was about 7 yards away then. So, I moved up, really focused, again everything left. 

So, I had the wife shot it and her first three shots left and then the rest dead center. I took the gun from her and tried again. All 10 rounds dead left of center. Mark asked to shot it and he fired and all his hits almost center. 

I took the gun from him and really focused, pulling in all my limited shooting skills, and again all left. 

They could tell I was getting frustrated and they both busted out laughing. 

The wife had noticed the rear sight was off and adjusted the front over to compensate for it. She seen how determined I was so, she leaned over and told Mark where to aim and he did, hence getting all his hits.

Now I didn't know who to be madder at, those two for pulling my chain, or the idiot that had put on the new Trijicon XR sights and hadn't gotten the back sight lined up?

Needless to say when I got home, I adjusted the back sight and now will have to have another range trip.

Other than the rear sight being off, the gun functioned flawlessly. I am planning on putting on some Talon grips, the grip needs a little more traction.

So, that is how the first big range trip with the G43X went.
Big Grin
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A picture with the Trijicon XR sights on the pistol. Hoping to get out Thursday evening and see if I have closer to being aligned.

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