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Captain's Yeoman Module A+
Just received this module and have found it very useful.  First, it has over 50 Point of Turn and Point of Slip counters.  They have the little white dot in the lower right hand corner so that you can mark them with different colors which is a very handy feature.  The ones I have come in red, blue and yellow background.  Also included are Impulse Cards which we've found speed the game up nicely.  They have information on who moves in the impulse and also the next impulse that speed moves.  It has Command Cards which can be used to eliminate the 'me too' firing when someone calls for fire.  Also included are Advance EA forms, Drone/Plasma/Shuttle cards, Particle Cannon energy forms and more.  

Not sure why this Module is out of print, but if you can find it the resources are well worth it. I was fortunate and found it on Amazon in a sealed package for $12.
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The makers of the game stopped printing it, and instead have gone to selling the bits individually. It probably increases their profit.

Directly from their website "5625 MODULE A+ CAPTAIN’S YEOMAN: Replaced an earlier product known as Module A Battlecards. Module A+ Captain’s Yeoman had different components. It was printed in 2003. No revisions. Has ADB logos. Out of print March, 2019. Cards and charts are still available as spare parts."

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