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Really a question for Dave - solar powered flashlight
I just finished my annual purchase of very cheap 1 AA battery lights.  I check a battery, make sure that one is ready to go - the girl friend takes it.  The next time I see one - the battery is dead or the flashlight has gone defective. 

Now for the question. 

I finally learned that there are solar powered flashlights.  Goody!  I want a couple.  I don't care whether a unit takes a rechargeable AA or a rechargeable 18650.  I don't want to buy a lemon.  When I read the reviews on Amazon, I look only at the 1 and 2 star reviews.  Many mfgs don't put out a good product.  My budget goes up to $25.  I don't need a unit that is fancied up with a hammer, whistle, seat belt cutter.  Recommendation??
Few options:

As far as brand, I don't have one that is suppose to stand out above the others.  I have the lantern type that are about the size of a large can of soup.  You raise the top part and the light comes out and turns on.  Has the solar panel on top.  I've taken these out on SEP gatherings and they've worked great.  Probably a gazillion name brands and made in one factory in China.  But so far they've worked top notch.

Probably the same for any hand-held solar flashlight.

Also have a folding solar panels that a USB can plug into.  I have a Nitecore USB charger I plug into it so I can recharge my lithium Ion and Nicad batteries.
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Yes. I have a kind of collapsible solar lantern that seems to be built of a filmy material.

About 5 years ago, a brand name battery/light company in Japan was marketing that it was going to provide thousands of solar lights to the purportedly backwards people of Burma. No word since. Probably just marketing b.s.
Here is one that I have. I keep it in my GHB and I have had to use it at work a couple of times when the power has gone off (my office not on our emergency generator). I take it out about every 6 months and throw it on the charger. So far every time I have needed it, it has worked.

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