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Ruger SP101?
(03-23-2019, 12:46 PM)David Wrote: Depends on what you're comparing it to and your purpose.  Compared to the price of other snubbies, that isn't a bad price.  But snubbies are ALL overpriced imo, for what they are and offer i.e. old technology platforms of limited capacity.  Compared to other platforms it isn't a good deal.  My M&P 40 with .357sig barrel and night sights was $400.  In the grand scheme, that M&P is more useful and functional.  Of course, if it's just a small wheelgun your looking for the SP101 is top notch.  Then again, in a small platform, your LC9 is a better overall weapon.

There is no doubt that an LC9 and most other compact 9s are a better deal but I think you have to compare apples to apples and that is 357 revolvers to revolvers. I think revolvers in general are way overpriced for what you get but it is what it is. You can either pay the freight or go without. If you really want a 357 revolver, you'll pay the going rate, otherwise not.   As much as I want a SP101 I've decided to stick to my Dan Wesson. I can change the barrel and grip to make it a snubby, or a 4", 6" or 8".

Edited to add...

I actually have two DWs. One is my dad's. His had a 4 & 8" bbl. Mine has the 2.5, 4 & 6" bbls.

[Image: aC1DKUX.jpg]

With 2.5" bbl and small grip, though I admit that a 4" bbl is much better ballistically and what I mostly carry. The 2.5" bbl is a blast (literally) to shoot.

[Image: XXyjjgt.jpg]

Now that I have chronograph I'm going to have to load up some rounds and test them with each barrel length.
A little Ruger in .357 is nice - as long as you don't want to shoot a lot of .357 in it!

The nice thing about the SP101 that I believe from a) Hickock45 and b) holding one is that it is maybe the lightest gun, that I would actually want to shoot, with .357 in it.

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