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Moonlight mode and today's review of my lights
1.  It has been pouring all day.  So, I dealt with the flashlights.
     I learned my lesson a few years ago to make multiple copies of manuals when I obtain a product because products get discontinued and the suppliers/wholesalers/retailers/manufacturers do not keep copies of manuals or have parts.
     Well, today, I dealt with stored, empty lights going back 10 years.  Discontinued.  The US supplier had not dealt with the Chinese source for 8 years.  Fortunately, I was able to find the information I needed on a half dozen lights, made notes, put the empties in zip lock bags.  Also tested and threw out some batteries.  Those lights went into a water resistant, clear plastic, snapware container and will be stored in the garage.

2.  I was nervous about having any lights lying around with batteries in them, except my must have lights.  So, I took a number of the second tier of backup lights, took out the batteries and put the unit with the batteries in separate zip lock bags.  They were all ok, fortunately.

3.  I figured that I was on a roll and would do it to all but one first tier flashlight in the office.  Unfortunately, one of the first tier lights had corroded and I had tested it only about 3 months ago.  So, one $30 light into the trash.  I followed up with other ready lights. 

Moonlight mode.  Some months I bought a Klaus light with a moonlight mode.

I am seeking a few cheap ones.  If it were a light with only a moonlight mode, that would be acceptable.  Moonlight is like 1 lumen.  By  way of contrast, the cheap military issue unit is 5 lumens.  I was looking on line, and was not successful.  I have Bangood researching (fingers crossed).  I don't think that a photon 2 has enough focus.  So, I explain.  Let's say that I was David and had to hoof it home on foot.  When you look at light lives (assuming a fresh battery), many of them will not last 10 hours.  However, you want to see where you are walking.  You also want to see around you.  I have a number of photon2 (has a permanent on-off switch) that lights an area in the dark.  However, I have no idea how long the battery will last and I want a focused unit.  My photons are on a neck chain.  That is fine for structure clearing.
You reminded me that it is time to go through and change out my batteries in all my lanterns. I try to do that each Spring before storm season hits.
I checked. Photon2 has 4.5 lumen. Will last two days. Bangood gave me a lead to a flashlight. However, despite explicit language defining "moonlight mode", I was directed to a model which was not moonlight. I remember that I put the Klaus light in the car. But I don't to spend $30 again just to get the option of 1 lumen.
I don't use moonlight mode much, but I knew my Olights have it. Just checked and the S1RII has 0.5lumen for 8 days and the slightly longer S2RII has 0.5lunen for 60 days.
You might want to check them out. If you wait for a flash sale, they get down to $40-50 range
I will second the Olight, as it has been posted many times, a big Olight fan myself.
A 60-day runtime on that S2RII is impressive. I have moonlight mode on my Nitecores (SRT3, EA11 and EC11). They also have a red light (.08 lumens) that has an extended runtime and doesn't affect night vision.
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thank you all. I bought a Thrunite as I already have expensive lights and I had a specific application this time for extremely low.

I already have 4 more cheap 1 aa Sipik 68 on the way. The ultimate recipient routinely misplaces the same. Rather have an under $5 flashlight misplaced than the $35 unit (same size) that I surreptitiously took back.

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