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All weather lighters.
I have been looking for a decent all weather lighter recently but I don’t really know where to start. What do you guys recommend for an all weather lighter? Obviously it must be reliable and durable, able to function in wind, rain and snow, as well as temperature extremes and high altitudes. I don’t know which fuel sources are better than others so I will need to be informed on that as well. The fuel source should be common and readily available, according to my understanding. Links are appreciated, thank you.
I'm going to recommend a Zippo;

Zippo or Bic thread

This meets the criteria you're looking for in your OP.  If you look at the link I posted you'll see a lot of videos on Zippo and the various fuels that can be used;  lighter fluid, Naptha, gasoline, kerosine, hand sanitizer, fuel oil, alcohol, denatured alcohol etc.  G.I.'s simply tie a string around the Zippo insert and dunk it into a fuel tank to fill up.  Temperature doesn't matter like it does with a butane lighter (hard to light in colder weather).  You can store extra flints and an extra wick in the insert so you have spare parts always available.  Lifetime warranty.  

I carry an orange Zippo daily even though I don't smoke.  I use a ranger band on it so the fuel lasts for 3+ weeks normally before I need to refill.  I get Naptha from Home Depot because it's the same thing as lighter fluid and you can get it in large amounts for less than buying Zippo lighter fluid at the store.  Flints and wicks are inexpensive and easily available.  I got a BUNCH on Ebay for next to nothing.

Also take a look at the Peanut Lighter thread here in this section. I keep a peanut lighter on my EDC keychain.  Basically a small Zippo but the fuel lasts for 6+ months due to the O-ring.
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I like the zippos, but the flame, while better than the bic, is still effected by wind. Does anyone know of any good torch lighters with the criteria I discussed? I will throw a zippo into the fire kit as an extra option. Always have multiple ways to start a fire.
Not a torch lighter, but it is windproof. We have two of these and so far, they have held up well. Although, they have had minimum usage and they are stored in the GHB. Yet, after four months, they are still showing charged and lit right up.

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