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Turned on my ESDA radio and listening to all the accidents. We were supposed to get less than an inch of snow and maybe a glazing of ice.

Instead, all ice, no snow. Interstates are shutdown due to multiple car wrecks. Local roads are closed because salt trucks can't get down them to salt. 

Multiple fire departments are calling for mutual aid, but everyone is out on calls and no one is left to respond, so departments are being told they are on there own.

Nice thing, we planned ahead and all kicked back in the recliner with a blanky watching a movie and hoping the power doesn't go out.

ST. LOUIS ( -- Freezing rain is causing dangerous road conditions around the News 4 viewing area. Multiple crashes have been reported.

As of 7 a.m. SB 55 past US 61 is closed due to an accident.

Interstate 270 from North County to South County is snarled with ice-related accidents. There are closures throughout.

MO WB 370 at 270 is closed.

Westbound Interstate 70 is closed near St. Charles Rock Road. Eastbound lanes are moving slowly.

WB 270 before Dougherty Ferry is closed. 

EB 44 to 270  is closed.

South and north bound I55 closed at Rte. 4. 

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