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Go-bags - Need a cheap/basic performance folder recommendation
So I'm cleaning some closets/organizing, etc.  I have two weapons in fast/easy grab bags:
- Glock 23 [9mm conversion]
- AR pistol

While my preferences would be to have my HK, and my AK, and my 500...and I would almost certainly grab these myself...the other two are kind of "packed" by happenstance, so they are easy to grab.  I'd like to equip the bags a little.  Both are in a pistol/short rifle case so there is not a ton of room.  

I'd like to at least drop a light (Ultra fire/sipik) and some sort of small basic folder that is inexpensive, but effective.  Again - I have a caption of knives I'd have by personal choice.  But what do you suggest?

Cheaper and works is better.  Folder is only requirement.  Prefer Tanto, prefer half serrated.  Prefer inexpensive to either.
Some of the best quality, inexpensive knives are the Spyderco Tenacious series. Very well made and the combo edge is only $45 on Amazon right now
Can't go wrong with Spyderco.  Some of their line is very expensive, some very economical.  That Hawkbill that I have is a great folder.  Tennessee Frank has a bunch of videos on folding knives here on the board.  Very inexpensive.  Don't recall the name but search his threads.

Edited:  Found one of them, he has several:

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I still have a hard time buying knockoffs. I don't mind inexpensive knives, but stolen designs are a different story.
I do love my Spyderco Native....of course I'm also a Gerber fanboy.

Swagger, Paraframe, FAST Draw, lots more.

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