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Renewed our CCL for the wife and I, so we are good to go for another 5 years. The State was nice enough after making us take a 3 hour refresher course, 30 round qualifier, paying $153 each to the State, and spending 50 days running background checks on us, finally renewing us our official permission slips to exercise our 2nd Amendment Right. 

Yet, vote ID laws are illegal and you can't charge anyone to exercise that right.
I renewed last year. $50 charge and they take your word for it that you've done your refresher. Renewels are done by mail. It's about $160 for the first one

I recently also got a CCW from the state of Arizona. $60 + $16 for local fingerprints, ($43 for renewal) all done by mail for out of staters.

Michigan law requires handgun registration but says if you have an out of state CCW/CPL you don't have to register your handguns. It's intent is to allow people with out of state CCW/CPLs to carry their handguns in our state. Since it doesn't say the out of state CCW/CPL holder has to live out of state, many residents are getting out of state permits to get around the law. Our state attorney general recently issued an opinion that affirmed that anyone with an out of state permit (resident or not) is exempt from registering their handguns.

Pennsylvania charges $20 but you have to apply in person. There are some western counties that will do it while you wait, takes about 20 minutes. People from Michigan have been known to get a bunch of guys together and take a road trip to a western Pennsylvania. I was going to head that way the next time I went south but never got around to it.

I had originally planned to get a permit from Florida since I visit a couple times a year, but I had trouble getting an appointment at the times I was going to be there. Arizona by mail turned out to be the easiest and second cheapest behind Pennsylvania.
Renewal in NY is free for retired LEOs... only thing about NY that's good re guns

Then there the $50 per year for the HR218 class so I can carry out of NY
I'm new so re-new is a ways off....
In Ohio we pay for the background check and new license. $55 every 5 years. I'm on my third renewal.

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