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Must - not - buy - 9x18 pistol!!!!
Must - be - strong!!!!!

Anyone out shoot 9x18?  Makarov?

I keep seeing CZ82's at Aim Surplus and dang I want to get one!!!!  
- Not that I need another caliber
- Not that I need another gun

Just for the pure Commie fun of it!
Don't waste your money. The caliber is nothing great. A little more than 380, a little less than 9mm, harder to find than either.
The guns tend to be very crude with crap ergonomics and terrible triggers.
Hope this saves you some money.
I have one. Bought it years ago for around $75. I think I spent more on the ammo. It is a fun little gun to shot, but it sits in the safe most of the time. Get it out once a year, clean it, think about selling it, and then it goes back into the safe.
I have a Makarov. Bought it cheap back in the day, rarely if ever shoot it. It really doesn't serve any purpose. But by all means, go for it.
As always - just looking for an extra cheap storable gun for rainy days. 9x18 seems cheap/fun. Just something different.
- Small
- cheap
- easily concealable
- simple

Hard not to like, and like all things commie block, built to last through the apocalypse and survive storage for infinity.

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