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Tips and Tactics for Self Defense
If you are involved in martial arts as a means of self-defense, what can you offer for tips and tactics with this goal in mind?

Here are my thoughts, for those involved in the martial arts for self defense:

In addition to any sparring you may do, train in with scenario-based format and train as realistically as is safely possible. 

•Situational awareness. Get out of the school and into an environment that an attack would likely occur in such as the parking lot, alley behind the school, wooded area, an elevator, on stairs, inside a vehicle etc. Simulate what is necessary while getting out of the school into the actual venue when possible. This provides more sensory input to the student on what to look for and expect.
•Train in dim-light conditions.
•Train in street clothes as often as possible.
•Train to look for and use improvised weapons.
•Train verbal de-escalation as well as yelling to attract attention.
•Train within applicable self-defense laws and know them.
•Train with the possibility of multiple attackers.
•Train for realistic ground fighting (MMA competition is NOT realistic ground fighting so don't confuse the two).
•Train from positions of disadvantage i.e. you're already on the ground, hands are full of groceries, you're protecting someone etc.
•Train for what happens AFTER the altercation is over i.e. calling authorities, checking for self injury, gaining a place of safety till the authorities arrive or even providing medical attention to an injured victim.
•Train for a scenario from start to finish to avoid bad habits.
•Video the scenario for viewing later and feedback.
•Train for physical conditioning including resistance training and cardio.
•Train for escape or evasion.
•Examine a principle, technique or movement to see how applicable it REALLY is against a determined, violent attacker (keeping in mind the person my be on drugs which means they are likely resistant to pain and have greater than normal strength.

These are some thoughts to start off the SD discussion. I'd like to see the sports folks come in and discuss their side of the house as well.
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