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Shot a night match last night
I was invited to a night match last night. I used my PL-Mini and was very pleased with the performance. It has no issues lighting up the targets. The issues where my poor shooting and my ammo was really smokey. At 24 degrees with no wind, the smoke kind of just held in the air, which at times made it a little challenging to see the targets. Most shots were at 10 yards with a few at 20 yards. The light performed great. 

It was interesting to see the different lights and how the performed. Some people used handheld lights and did well. My friend brought his X7R light and decided to light up the whole bay when he shot. 

I also used my Olight H16 Wave, which worked really well. I didn't know that I would ever have a use for the wave feature, but it worked great last night. As soon as a shooter was done, waved my gloved hand in front of the light and it came on, went out tapped targets and came back and waved it off. Made it very easy to turn on and off.
It's amazing how night sights and mounted/hand held lights make a difference! Dim light shooting is a LOT of fun but more importantly it's an eye opener. For example, you wouldn't normally consider the smoke obscuring the target like you mentioned yet now you have the experience that it's a possibility. Particularly if you were in an indoor setting with no/limited air flow. Now you have a good idea as to distance and the effectiveness of your lights. That's fantastic training and good knowledge to have.

I continue to think about a mounted light on both my G26 and LC9s. It would mean I'd have to get different holsters but probably a very worthwhile investment.
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I have the TLR6 that I have put on my G26 (also have the adapter for the G43) and I got a different holster for the G26. I find myself not carrying the G26 as much when I have the TLR-6 on it. Yes, I should, I don't know why I don't. I took the TLR-6 back off and have been wearing the gun more. The holster is the same model holster (Crossbreed) just one for the light one without the light.
It's always good to test your equipment in realistic situations. Very few ever shoot in the dark. My club does a low/no light match every few months.
(01-12-2019, 12:33 AM)Ronin.45 Wrote: It's always good to test your equipment in realistic situations. Very few ever shoot in the dark. My club does a low/no light match every few months.

I completely agree. I'm thinking about next night match taking one of my PCC and trying it.

One guy at the match kept having his light fly off his pistol. I heard him talking about getting a different light after the match.
Many buy the cheapest Chinese light they find on Amazon and get disappointed when it falls off or doesn't work well. If they would do a little research beforehand, they would realize that you can get a really nice light for under $50 if you buy it right. Under $100 opens up some really good options. No need to spend a fortune, but cheap is sometimes just cheap.

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