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Streamlight 66608 Flashlight Micro Stream USB - Coyote
I purchased the wife another flashlight (I know, 30 lights aren't enough). I picked her up a Streamlight Micro USB Coyote light. The reason the coyote is because it comes on at the high setting on the first click, where the other colors come on at the low setting. She prefers the high setting.

A couple of things I have learned about her light choices. First, she likes lights with a lot of throw. Yet, if she is carrying it on herself, she wants skinny, small lights. She likes the Olight I3T, but it comes on low with the first click and then you double click for high. So, the Streamlight has replaced the I3T because of that feature. Both are tail cap switched which is a requirement she prefers. 

So, for now, she is carrying a Streamlight.

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