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Adrian helmet
I watched a very interesting History Guy video on the Adrian helmet.  In WW1, the French learned that 73% of the battlefield injuries were head injuries and 80% of those people died.  The war started without metal helmets.

You will probably not experience artillery or tanks after shtf.  However, when you stick your head up out of a ditch or look around a building  . . . someone may shoot at you  . .. miss  .. hit the berm or building  . .  and debris hit your head.

Just  a thought.  This is why I have a helmet with Oregon Areo inserts to make it comfortable.  Oregon Aero started with making head protection and controls and then branched out to making military helmets comfortable.
And as much as people talk about center of mass, and vests like they make you indestructible,

Double tap chest, move to head....
What helmet do you have?

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