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S&W 45 Shield
A bit over a year ago S&W was offing a $75 rebate on the S&W Shields and I had enough Cabela's points to get one durn near for free. I'd been intrigued by it for some time and all of the Shield owners I knew raved about them.

"Carry the smallest most powerful pistol you can shoot well."


[Image: zuFAfd5l.jpg]

That first trip to the range had me reconsidering my regular EDC. The Shield was comfortable to shoot and accuracy was promising. 

9 yards offhand
[Image: D60sj3dl.jpg?1]

It took me a while to find a holster for it. Eventually I settled for an Alien Gear IWB and later their OWB.

I like the aggressive stippling but it does grip softer fabrics and chew up seams on cover garments.
[Image: dLreGzsl.jpg]

Before I had 500 rounds through it I did notice the front of the recoil spring guide rod projecting forward of the slide. It did NOT affect the function of the pistol but it did get me to call S&W

[Image: IaSvKTsl.jpg]

S&W sent me a replacement within the week. I don't have enough rounds through it yet to say with confidence it is fixed but so far, so good. Note the inner spring is coiled in the opposite direction. It has been speculated that S&W has made improvements to the original but I have no confirmation of that.

[Image: ltYW8gKl.jpg]

Overall I REALLY like it and carry it often. It has been a real hit with my friends too and I'd say nearly 50% of those that shoot it go out an buy one for themselves.

Surprisingly it does pretty well at long range too. We had no problem putting most of a magazine on the 12" plate at 100 yards. At 200 it was pretty common to ring steel at least twice per magazine. At 300 we were pretty happy with one hit per mag on the 20" plate. Of course I had to give the 400 a try or three too.

Nice review. I had Shield 9mm, sold it and got me a G43, but I'm Glock guy. With that being said, the Shield is a nice gun and I have recommend it to several people.
For some reason I don't shoot Glocks very well. I've owned two and could never get the hang of them. Last year I took a class with a more recent generation Glock 19 and I did a lot better but I didn't ever get used to the trigger. It seems I do best with 1911's and S&W's polymer pistols and they are what I take when I have to qualify.

Glocks are proven and have a well deserved reputation for reliability.
That is the nice thing, if you don't shot one model/brand well, there are several other equally great brands out there. I have had people tell me that they just can't find a gun that works for them, which I respond obviously you haven't looked very hard. There are so many different, good models out there, it isn't like you are stuck with picking just one brand/model. My best friend went through the whole trial and error, which he ended up finding that the Springfield Armory XDM models worked the best for him.
Well said and so true Bmyers.

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