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Carry tips, hints and suggestions
So I have started wearing round the house just to get used to things, and even went to BK and Macy's and a pawn shop.

What do you guys suggest across the board as general advice.

I one person offer this gem " "You'll need a better holster f you are going to carry everywhere."  Now - this individual is of questionable knowledge and a lot of things.  But that does not keep him from offering advice (naturally...).

I have not had any issues using my current holiest - grabbed on sale at Shoot Straight - just to have anything immediately.  Honestly, I'm having trouble seeing the issue....

[Image: 939015.jpg]

Pain in the but to get on/off belt/pants but whatever.  It's secure, and comfortable.  Gun stays snug.  
I will likely get something industrial like Dave suggested from Alien Gear etc....

But - what general tips hints and suggestions do you have.  Please try to denote personal preferences from actual general advice.  

Of course - I'm going back & forth on the printing thing, but this rides pretty darn low and I don't think it's an issue practically.   
The first thing I learned, no one notices that you are carrying. Everyone is so busy doing their own thing, I quickly realized no one notices me (the first few eeks of carryign I thought everyone was looking at me).

Secondly, I carry in the same spot all the time. I found the holster (Crossbreed) that works for me and I have the holsters for my carry guns (G19, G26, G43). I carry the same way so i don't have to think about it. The gun is always in the same spot even though it might be a different model, I do everything the same.

Third, remember to do the Jean Luc Pircard move when you get out of your vehicle. I have had more than once that my gun was showing because my shirt was caught on the handle. The upside, no one noticed while I was walking through Walmart, my wife finally did and corrected it for me after we had been in the store for 15 minutes or so.

Fourth, find a holster/gun combination that works for you. If it isn't comfortable for you, the gun and holster will end up at home. Just because everyone else likes 'ABC' gun and holster doesn't mean you will, but if it is a popular combination, it is worth taking a look at.

Fifth. I quit taking off the holster, instead I put an extra holster in my SUV so when I do have to go into a GFZ, I can unholster and place the gun in the other holster and lock it up.

I've only been carrying for 6 years, so I still consider myself a newbie and always looking for words of wisdom for those that have been carrying for years.
I've been carrying for 42 years. I used just about every kind of inside and outside the belt holster there is. For the last decade or so my EDC consists of carrying with just a belt clip IWB to keep my gun from sliding down my leg. That includes everything from full size Glocks to mini 9s like the LC9. When I carry OWB I carry my handgun in pancake type leather holster but or a specialized holster for hunting etc. But otherwise it's IWB with a belt clip for EDC.

I know many/most people feel more comfortable carrying in a holster but even as a cop I generally just tucked my off duty gun in my belt and called it good.
Good advice above.  I'll toss in a few thoughts;
  • Belly Band.  You can buy a good belly bandfor under $20 on Amazon.  They are usually made of the same material as wet suits i.e. neoprene.  They come in different designs, the one I have has a spot for the gun of course and also another sleeve/pocket for that fits an extra mag and a flashlight or folding knife.  I have found mine surprisingly comfortable and with the LC9s it's almost like not carrying a gun.  They're nice because they are adjustable as far as waist size and comfortable to sit.
  • Waist bag.  I have several of those waist pouch from Ebay for around $5 each.  Come in all sort of colors.  They fit a single stack just fine and make a good option if you're attending something where you're shirt is tucked in like a wedding or even a business function.  Folks will assume it's for a cell phone or whatever and don't give it a second look.  You can get fancy with it and buy one specifically designed for CC that looks like a FAK or a computer deal or whatever.  
  • Fanny pack.  I have a couple of different packs.  One I've had for over 20 years and counting.  While a fanny pack may be in and out of fashion, it can make another good option depending on what you're wearing at the time i.e. shirt tucked in.  The one I've carried the most has a quick draw function.
As far as IWB and OWB holsters it's going to be personal preference and what YOU like.  One size does not fit all when it comes to holsters.  If you're going to carry a spare mag I would highly suggest the mag holsters from Kytex Shooting Gear.   They'll take a couple of weeks to get it to you but they are the best I've ever used.  Keeps that mag snug and close to the body.  No play.  That's also the way I like my holsters, no play in them at all.  

What have you been carrying?  The Walther PPS?
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
I give a second vote to the Crossbreed IWB... have 3 for different guns and they all for me are great.
Your MMV and they tend to be a personal choice

Like alot of people, I had a basket of unused/unlike holsters ( funny how you end up with that many over the years ).. I took the box down to the Amer Leg private range I go to and left a sign, take ONE. All gone in a day.
Now all I have are the Crossbreeds and an old ankle holster ( chief/mod 60 ) from working days
Yes - the Walther PPS. That's why I got it. The two guns I have came across that I thought I'd like to carry based on size & feel are the PPS and the H&K P2000sk. So, when I found a Walther for $250...not even a question!

I like that the Walther has trigger guard paddle mag release also. Similar to HK.
That PPS is a good gun and you got a fantastic deal.  Ergonomics on it are similar to the PPQ which is also fantastic.  Shoot Straight had a deal on them over the summer and I thought long and hard about getting one.  What are you loading it with?  And how many mags do you have for it?
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
Hornady CRT 115g.  This gun is an M1

I have 3 8rd mags.  The 8 rounder has a little finger extentsion that makes the length just perfect for me.  The grip is less ergo, but thinner.

[Image: pps%2Bcomparison2.jpg]

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