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I learned that there was a recently approved shingles shot (two shot series).  Had it.  Then I wrote Kaiser and related that I had done my hepatitis a and b series more than 30 years ago.  I knew that the a shot was good for 10 years but the literature was silent on 30 years.  Was approved to have the two series of shots again.  Will start tomorrow.
I checked and our insurance won't cover the shingles shot if you haven't hit 50 yet unless you have a special circumstance.
I had the hepatitis a and b series over 30 years ago. I inquired if I needed new shots. The literature recited that the a series was good for 10 years and that there is a booster for b, but a test for b antibodies was available. Paid $25 to Kaiser for testing for a and b antibodies and waiting for the results. The literature says that there still is no type c shot, after 25 years of research.

The shingles recommendation is cdc for after age 50. Apparently, it does not recur in under 50 years of age.
Update. Had to deal with a bunch of relatively unknowledgeable people at Kaiser, go in and take a test for $25. Then spend time on the phone and emailing (all this high tech b.s. will stop when I die). Finally, I was given the go ahead and received the Hep A shot and still had antibodies for HepB so I didn't take that shot. Now my shots are up to date.

In a couple of weeks, I have some dental work done that should not be put off. Had to go in to UCLA and schedule the procedures myself because the student dentist disappeared for a couple of weeks!.
The foregoing is what you have to do, so accept it.
So - at about 45 I got shingles. Wasn't aware of what it was (had a legit reason to believe Poison Ivy). They gave me Oxy for it...which only took the edge off so I could sleep.

Get the shingles shot as soon as you can!!!!
I'm still not an advocate for any type of vaccine based on the research I've done in the last 20 years.  I believe it is a deadly scam.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
(12-11-2018, 03:28 PM)David Wrote: I'm still not an advocate for any type of vaccine based on the research I've done in the last 20 years.  I believe it is a deadly scam.

I certainly agree that there all kinds of scammers, water carriers, mistaken people and plain liars dealing with vaccines.  I will give examples.

1952.  Public school children were given shots in school.  The same needle was used, child after child, after being run through a heating device.  The cleaning device gave off smoke.
1950s.  Woman doctor warned that the first batch of polio vaccine was contaminated.  President doctor of a polio group declared her warning was rubbish, gave the shot to his grandchild in display.  Child died a couple of months later from the polio introduced into him!
1960s.  Bay of Pigs prisoners were ransomed, in part by providing expired medical supplies to the Cubans and US manufacturers got a tax deduction.

You have a federal FDA which has a less than sterling reputation.
You have licensed drug manufacturers who provide phony statistics to the FDA.
You have HMOs, public agencies, insurance companies who advocate people getting shots, in part, because taking care of people who might not otherwise have become infected with a disease if they had taken shots, is costly. 

There are, I grant, a lot of people who want to believe that simply getting a shot gives protection.  It doesn't.

There are also a lot of people who do not believe in germ theory.  Drs. Lister and Pasteur had uphill fights.  Yet, I know people who believe that illnesses are given by God and are cured through prayer.  There are also top flight intellectuals who believe in spontaneous generation.  One day, a top nuclear scientist, phd. and all that, callls my dad to come over and see his outdoor water fountain.  Life has suddenly appeared.  My dad goes over and looks.  It is mosquito larvae.

Let's review the flu vaccine.
1.  I don't care whether a person takes it or not.  I am just providing information.
2.  The "flu vaccine" is changed from year to year.
3.  The efficacy of the flu vaccine is a matter of best guess work and not television NCIS science.
     The investigators try to learn the characteristics of the worst 3-5 viruses of the last year.
     The investigators then try to guess how the viruses will mutate in the future.
     With fingers crossed, a flu vaccine cocktail is created.
4.  I will readily concede that a number of people will be allergic to a culture medium in which the cocktail is nurtured.  I also concede that there can be a lazy factory worker who doesn't do his job and contaminates a batch of flu vaccine.  I will concede that the manufacturer may greedy and unconcerned with the health of its customers and take unacceptable shortcuts.
5.  Now, the vaccine is distributed.  How does it work.  Under germ theory, if enough people are inoculated, the transmission rate is reduced.  It is not solely the vaccine working in the subject's body.  You reduce the population of potential carriers.
  6.  Last year, using magical statistics,  some voodoo, it was estimated that the flu vaccine was 35% effective.  In a very good year, it is about 60% effective.  Those numbers are certainly not encouraging, are they? 

Let me discuss the pneumonia shot.  People go to the hospital, come down with pneumonia and die.  Why?  Go to a hospital.  The windows are sealed.  The hospital is air conditioned.  The only place where the temperature is lowered to possibly (notice the caveat) is in pre-op.  Patients complain in recovery and in the rooms when it is cold, so the temperature is kept up.  Heck, I have even seen nurses pick up items off the floor in pre-op and put them back on a tray.

I visited a Red Chinese maternity ward sometime around December of about 1980.  It was dead winter time with snow outside on the ground.  The women were housed in cotton batten and all the windows wide open to kill any germs!

If you believe in germ theory, you cut the temperature or raise way up.  So, I get the pneumonia shot because there are certain procedures and treatments that I can get only in a hospital.

When I was a kid, I had 4 kinds of measles.  I was exposed to mumps.  Mothers would get all the kids in the family and the neighborhood together so that they all got sick at the same time (and if you died, that was the risk).

When I was a kid, no one thought that becoming a dentist meant risking death from hepatitis a or hepatitis b.  There were no shots.  Dentists stuck hairy hands in patients' mouths in examinations.  There were no gloves.  No antibiotics were given.  Ask your dentist if he would like to practice without having taken the hepatitis shot series.

If you don't believe in shots, skip the tetanus shot when you are accidentally cut.

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