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I learned that there was a recently approved shingles shot (two shot series).  Had it.  Then I wrote Kaiser and related that I had done my hepatitis a and b series more than 30 years ago.  I knew that the a shot was good for 10 years but the literature was silent on 30 years.  Was approved to have the two series of shots again.  Will start tomorrow.
I checked and our insurance won't cover the shingles shot if you haven't hit 50 yet unless you have a special circumstance.
I had the hepatitis a and b series over 30 years ago. I inquired if I needed new shots. The literature recited that the a series was good for 10 years and that there is a booster for b, but a test for b antibodies was available. Paid $25 to Kaiser for testing for a and b antibodies and waiting for the results. The literature says that there still is no type c shot, after 25 years of research.

The shingles recommendation is cdc for after age 50. Apparently, it does not recur in under 50 years of age.
Update. Had to deal with a bunch of relatively unknowledgeable people at Kaiser, go in and take a test for $25. Then spend time on the phone and emailing (all this high tech b.s. will stop when I die). Finally, I was given the go ahead and received the Hep A shot and still had antibodies for HepB so I didn't take that shot. Now my shots are up to date.

In a couple of weeks, I have some dental work done that should not be put off. Had to go in to UCLA and schedule the procedures myself because the student dentist disappeared for a couple of weeks!.
The foregoing is what you have to do, so accept it.
So - at about 45 I got shingles. Wasn't aware of what it was (had a legit reason to believe Poison Ivy). They gave me Oxy for it...which only took the edge off so I could sleep.

Get the shingles shot as soon as you can!!!!
I'm still not an advocate for any type of vaccine based on the research I've done in the last 20 years.  I believe it is a deadly scam.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

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