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SEPA #20 After Action report
So, out there by myself, I had a chance to do quite a few things...

#1 Had MRE's for the first time: Got them from MRE Star
- Gumbo & Chicken.  Pretty tasty.  I used the heater pack as instructed.  Worked great.,  Also a power bar with that that was fairly tasty.
- Barbecue Chicken & Beans for breakfast.  Ate it cold.  It was ok.  Too much sauce.  Had Sugar cookies that were great.
- Both had crackers, and drink mix, and coffee.
- Had some of the coffee with breakfast.  It sucked.

All in all, I see the value of MRE's and repackaging them.  So far, I'll give mountain house the edge on a camp-for-fun excursion.  Lighter, tastier over-all.

#2 I didn't really pack other than throwing food in.  Thought I'd see how things went.  Learned some interesting things.

a) My headlamp needs new batteries!  No big deal - had Sipik w/ fresh batteries, Surefirew G2 w/ fresh batteries, My InnovaI5 with fresh batteries, and a Walmart cheapie $1 light.  Plus spare CR123's.
b) The first can I hooked to Jetboil was empty.  No problem - I had two more.
c) I was out of Dave's fire chips in my Brew kit.  No problem as I had 3 large and about 7 small fuel tabs for Esbit stove (Which I used to make evening tea).  Bonus - I found some in my main bag! So I wasn't really out.
d) My phone got low and my small Brunton was about out of Power!  No problem - I had another fully charged brick.
e) My spork broke.  No problem - Coleman Swiss Army Utensils in my main pack (plus spoons w/ MRE)
f) Could not find my main Gerber armor folder!  No problem, Glock field plus two Swiss army knives.
g) My Machete can indeed chop fire wood - Publix was out!

The bottom line was that even when half @$$ing it - I had at least a spare of everything I could have wanted!  It was also usually on an additional pack.  What would have happened if none of you were there?!?!? Oh wait....

So...One is none, two is one...and you know the rest!  Now I have an inventory of things to do this week in my gear.

Slept in the bed net this time - Super cozy in low 60's!
The importance of having more than 1. Your post reminds me, I need to check the batteries in my daughters SUV on her flashlights. I checked the other vehicles, but forgot to go back and check her vehicle.

The MRE is the same brand that I take with me on business trips. I like the beef strew and the chicken and noodles are two of my favorite. I tried the maple sausage for breakfast and about put myself into a sugar coma.
You had a better time than me Bob.  One guy wanted to fight me so I had to jack him up.  Another guy tried to commit suicide and I had to stop him and then put him in the restraint chair.  On top of that I forgot the time change and showed up an hour early to the shift and then smashed my finger in a door.  So yeah, I earned every penny of the OT money.  And Sunday's are supposed to be a chill day!

Glad it worked out for someone though  Smile Smile
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
I'd like to know more about Jeff's "wind shield"
What do you want to know?  A wind shield is installed to block the wind. I added it onto the overhead tarp I put over the fire pit.  Did you find the pine I left under the table? Glad you had a good time.
Other people had moved in on it.

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