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Is your house ready for winter?
Again, I know you folks down south preparing for winter means switching from sandals to tennis shoes. 

Started in on the winter preparations.

Trimming back all the bushes and trees from power lines and the house.
Placing mouse bait out for the critters trying to sneak in for the winter.
Treating the yard and house for bugs as the temp drop they all try to find a warm spot.
Checked propane tanks to make sure they are all full.
Checked Mr. Heater and make sure it is ready.
Checked the natural gas wall mounted heater and get it up and running.
Run the generator and made sure it was good to go.
Checked the gas cans and make sure they were all full.
Put fuel stabilizer in everything.
Check the ice melt supply and filled up the containers we keep by the doors.
Replace the missing non-slip strips on the steps.
Got snow shovels where they are accessible.
you forgot to clean the gutters from the leaves... big issue for me, I go up on roof with the blower at least once a week during the heavy leaf fall
Long story, but Rhonda won't let me up on the roof. So, it gets done by someone she hires. I have given up fighting her over it.
(10-23-2018, 11:06 AM)bmyers Wrote: Again, I know you folks down south preparing for winter means switching from sandals to tennis shoes. 

Well, that's pretty much about it really.  Only have to break out a heavier jacket on the rare occasion.  Normally on one of our 'cold' days a light windbreaker is sufficient.  Looking forward to opening up the windows though and airing the house out.
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