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Sig P320 update.
Finally got out so I could put a few more rounds down range with the P320 Sub-Compact Compact. Enjoy.

Another good video Frank, glad you're feeling better.  Every time I watch one of your videos where you're in the desert I kinda miss Arizona (I was born in Tuscon).  Have family out there and makes me want to head out for a visit.

Tell ya what, that P320 subcompact is tempting for $399.  I've looked at it more than once.  I liked the P320 compact I had last year and your right, great trigger on it.  Had the Xray sights on it and they're nice but I've gotten to where I really like the orange front sight.  You did a nice job of painting the rear sights as well.  Should last a long time I would think.
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I just picked up a Walther PPS(I'll get a video as soon as I can) and I'd like to do an orange night sight front and paint the rear dots florescent yellow like I did on the P320 if I could just find the front sight that'll work with the factory rear one.
Anyway, thanks for watching, I really appreciate it.

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