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Lever action
I don't recall ever having a thread devoted specifically to lever action rifles.  So, here it is  Smile

Whatcha got?  What do you want?  What's good and what's bad?  Why do you have a lever action rifle?

Let the games begin!
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
Well, let's see....

I have a Savage 99 in 303 Savage made in 1903 with a 60's era 2.5x Weaver scope. My dad cut the barrel down to about 19" and made a new stock for it in the 1960s to make it into a brush gun. It works well that way and has taken a lot of deer. It's not worth very much except in sentimental value. I still hunt with it on occasion.

[Image: KWw0WeT.jpg]

Winchester 94 in 30 WCF (aka 30-30) made in 1939. While I started hunting with an uncle's 30-30 Winchester back in the 60's I picked this one up at a police auction in the 1980's.

[Image: BfKi0KR.jpg]

Remington Trail Rider Nylon 76 22lr made in 1962. The white tags on all the rifles has serial # info as well as historical info. (when made, when purchased etc). I also put the last time I sighted it in and anything wrong/missing with/on it. It helps me keep track.

[Image: jN16Ezy.jpg]

Marlin 94 in 44 mag made in the 1970s. It's had the barrel cut to 16". Just mounted a new 1-3x20 Weaver scope on it. Made the stock cuff and sling for it.

[Image: hJey8vH.jpg]

Savage 99C in 308 made in the 70's. I bought and gave this to my dad as a present. Got it back after he had his stroke and couldn't hunt anymore. He put a 1.5-4.5x Bushnell Shotgun scope on it. When I got it back from my dad the detachable mag was lost in the move. Still looking for it.

[Image: 75TVc0o.jpg]

Marlin 375 in 375 Win made in the 80s. It has a 1.5-4.5X Bushnell scope on an A-Square Scout Scope mount. I tried a forward mounted scout scope but didn't like it. I keep meaning to replace it with a conventional scope mount but haven't got around to it. While it looks much longer it only has a 20" bbl. Just made a stock cuff/ammo holder for it.

[Image: 8cl1zqo.jpg]

Marlin 336 in 35 Rem made in the late 80's or early 90's. It does have the cross bolt safety on it but that doesn't bother me. The end of the barrel was all rusted inside and out. I cut the barrel to 16" and made it into a straight stock model. It had the same type stock and 20" bbl on it like the 375 when I got it. I intend to make a stock cuff for it as well. Already made a leather sling for it. I put a fiber optic front sight and a rear peep. It is intended to be a brush gun but I can't see the sights anymore very well. I may put the scout rifle scope mount from the 375 on it and try a scout scope on it again.

[Image: XqbSfqu.jpg]

The Savages were my dads. The Winchester I bought at a police auction in the 1980s. I bought the 375 new, I traded a Chinese SKS for the 35, and I traded a home built AR for the 44. I collect Remington Nylon rifles so the 76 was a natural. BTW, the 76 is the only lever gun Remington ever made.

Can't find the rest of the the photos. I'll post them later.
I had a Marlin 1894P and never should have sold it. Not only would it be an ideal Ohio deer gun, but it also was a short lived model that's pretty collectible now.
For my current needs and wants, a lever doesn't fit the bill, but they are as good now as ever.
I know Bob talks highly about his .357 magnum.  Don't recall what brand though, not up on the who/what of lever action rifles.  So this thread is of educational interest to me.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
The easy answers are "Marlin 336" or Win Model 94.  I know people get their panties all up in arms about the safeties, but they all work. My #1 shooting rifle was a Winchester 94 in 30-30 when I was growing up. You can usually pick one up in a pawn shop cheap after deer season.

.45-70 if you want to kill a bear, moose, or car
30-30 is the 7.62x39 of the west. Handy for most 2 and 4 legged creatures out past 100 yards
.357 or .44 mag if you want a matching pistol/rifle combo

I have a Rossi .38-.357 in Stainless and I love it.  .354 out of 20" barrel has some "oomph" to it.

[Image: 56498.jpg]

I like levers  
- They hold a decent amount of ammo (> 3-4 as in a bolt action)
- They are light/maneuverable
- a little practice = fast follow up shots
- lots of calibers, including pistol cal's

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