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My 'Go-To' Food Stocks
These are, in my opinion, and as my personal choice, some really great basic and completely easy to stock SHTF survival foods.  

I'm talking about the zone between MRE's and the rice/beans bucket situations.

#1 Chef Boy pasta in a can:  Once can is around 400 Calories.  They cost between .75 to a dollar per can.  That's 1600 calories a day for $3.  They last indefinitely.  They require no cooking/water.  This is really hard to beat in my opinion.  Plus - the boys eat them.  Not the healthiest choice, but the utter convenience plus what I mentioned makes them a super-survival stock IMO.

#2 Spaghetti w/ Tomato Sauce:  I'm talking about 1 1lb package of whole wheat past, 1 16oz can of tomato sauce, and a small can of paste.  Again - super cheap.  Also, makes a lot for the cost.  Requires water, sure, but the water is re-usable.  So for a little heat and some water, you get a lot of food.  1 set of ingredients easily feeds four.  Anything else you have like a pepper, onion, etc can be added to enhance.  Plus - we have that once a week or month anyway.  Easy to store over a dozen 4 person meals you will eat anyway.

#3  The classic Dinty Moore Beef Stew.  Meat, veggies, broth, etc..  As with the rest, lasts forever, and can be eaten completely uncooked.  To really extend the distance of this, add rice.  High likelihood of eating when you just don't feel like cooking / just need to eat.

#4 The classic canned Veggie:  Corn, Green Beens, Peas, Carrots.  Yeah, they really lack the nutritional value and calorie count of the others, but they do make an easy side, and add a little variety.  As stated, a key here for me is 1 - lasts forever, 2 -no cooking required, and 3 - cheap

#5. Basic rice:  Why?  Because mixing any of the above with rice, which also requires water, but can last indefinitely makes it super easy to have a 3 months or more of food on hand.
I agree. We go to Aldi and pick up lots of canned veggies cheap. The soups we are little more particular about, but we keep soup on the shelves for when you need a quick meal, feeling a little sick, and/or if the need ever arises for survival.

Rice, we buy the 50lb bag at Sam's Club for $15-$20 a bag. We also have bought different broths to mix with the rice to have different flavors and as you pointed out, you can always do a Hobbo type mix and toss various cans together to give you a variety.
I have a good deal of broth as I cook Chinese fairly often and use those for sauce bases. Never a bad thing to have on hand.

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