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Are you prepared for one of the biggest changes?
I am retired, so I can give advice about preparations:

1. know your limitations.
a. make two trips carrying things. it counts as exercise.
b. have someone climb the ladder or go on the roof. My dad fell off the roof in his 80s. A friend has now been in the hospital for 6 months.
c. Ann is my age. She insisted on still riding horses. Thrown by her horse. still needs more surgeries on her wrists two years later.

2. stay an extra year on the job. you already figured out how to do personal business while working.

3. lose the attitude that you will accomplish a lot of personal projects/home repairs quickly when you retire. People aren't going to show up on time/work faster/work harder/return phone calls/respond to mail just because you retired.

4. hire someone, even if it is day labor and the gardener to go through your things and get rid of them. Your kids will never help you move out their stuff. Examples. When I asked my kid to go through his stuff, he didn't. I put 36 boxes into commercial storage. Finally, one day, I pulled it out and sent 6 large boxes to him 3000 miles away and got rid of the rest. My older brother has 4 daughters. The youngest is 38 years old. Their crap is still at his house. You will not have the energy when you retire.

A younger brother spent one full week cleaning out the papers in my dad's office. I spent (not including travel time) 2 weeks cleaning the attic/garage/living room of stuff. There was nothing sellable, putting aside the rummage, I made trips to the local dump.

When a couple of local relatives died, the City of Los Angeles sent two dump trucks.

Good advice Bob.

When we had to move my parents from a 3 bedroom, two story townhouse into a one bedroom apartment after my dad had a stroke we divided up their stuff among the 5 kids. One had a garage sale, the rest of us donated most of the stuff to charity or threw it away. I kept my dad's guns, fishing gear and tools.

Now as we prepare to build a new house on our hunting property come spring, we are overwhelmed with 35 years worth of accumulation. Even if I build a large storage building/pole barn adjacent to the house like I'm planning, I'm still going to move all the crap up there and that just leaves it for someone (kids) else to deal with. I figure three years before we can move there permanently so we're already in the sort and get rid of mode.

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