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Surviving the next world wide epidimic
routine "news" Article   ttps://

1.  Things you can do now
      obtain UN dehydration salts manufactured in Missouri
      store clean water
      store easy to make foods like canned soups
      buy baby bottles.

2.  Things that the government could, but will not do
      buy iron lungs

3.  Understanding a pandemic

     My grandfather died in 1918 of the "Spanish flu".

     Two kinds of pandemic - bacterial (fairly easy to counter and so no further discussion) and viral.

Your annual flu is viral.  Essentially, the flu shot is a mixture of 3-5 strains based upon the best guess at the time of manufacture.  It takes months to produce a vaccine.  It may off.  So, recently, the protection rate was about 60%.  The scientists' efforts are helped somewhat as flu epidemics tend to go around the world three times like in 1918.  This means by the end of the first year of people dying, the scientists may have a good handle on the vaccine to be produced and distributed.

The flu will come to an area for a couple weeks, move on and come back later.  You won't be able to avoid it by simply locking yourself away in a castle for a month. 

Being young and healthy is not always the answer.  There were a number of people who were older who survived in 1918.  The historic research indicates that they had some protection left over from having a dose of the flu in the last go around in the 1870s. 

You have to understand the statistics.  The death rate is only a percentage of diagnosed cases.  Most cases will be mild and undiagnosed and untreated by a physician. 

I need to add one more thing you can do - get plenty of sunshine.

I can't cite the studies.  If you have been in the army, you observed a lot of people get sick in basic training.  it was a matter of people from different areas coming together and sometimes having a run down condition.  A woman medical doctor did an informal study and learned that it was lack of sunshine in the winter that accounted for a lot of sickness.  So, you need sunshine or vitamin d tablets.

Why baby bottles?  Have you ever been confined to bed and some idiot hands you a glass of water with a straw?  Try a baby bottle with a solution of un rehydration salts or pedilyte instead.  Much easier.  Not messy.
Here is an article from one of the last users of the iron lung:
Patriot Nurse on YT has some great information to view!
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.

I just present information so that you can make your own informed decision on what, if any vaccinations to have.

I read the current literature on shingles. Essentially, it is a painful, lengthy recurrence of chicken pox. I had had a shingles shot in 2008 and was curious how long the protection lasted. The current literature said 5 years and that there was no booster shot. So, I emailed my doctor and was told to get another shot. When i went to the shot clinic, I learned that it was now a two shot series.
My wife and I are good friends with research scientist that works at the CDC here in Atlanta. Last year she advised us not to bother with the flu shot as it would be less than 30% effective. This year she recommends getting the flu shot early.
My whole family has gotten the flu shot.

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