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Why I went with the Sig P320sc.
Quick vid giving some details as to why I think the P320sc (or any P320) is a great choice. Thanks for watching.

Aren't these the ones that go off when you drop them?..

These have caliber changes which make them awesome but I'm sure they are costly. The mags are kind of expensive also.

I have two of the P938s (9mm) because they are the best feeling little guns in your hand... And they are awesome accurate for such a small gun.
Yes, the P320 did have a possible issue of discharging when dropped.  However, it had to be dropped at a specific angle, with the sun at your back and wind in your face, while standing on one leg in the breeze of an autumn day.  Okay, maybe not that bad but it did have to be dropped at an odd angle that would probably happen rarely in the wild.  Sig was kinda/sorta slow to address it which didn't help matters.  Just like how they addressed the problems with the P365.

The fix was installing a lighter trigger (as in physically lighter so the trigger via inertia didn't travel rearward when the gun was dropped and struck a hard surface).

On the plus side, the P320 feels great in the hand.  To me it feels better than Glock. I like the grip angle better and no finger grooves.  The internals are the actual gun (called the FCU aka fire control unit).  The FCU can be completely, and easily removed from one grip frame and placed into another grip frame.  So you can basically go from one size gun to the other with the same FCU.  You can change size and color of the grip frame module at will.  From Sub compact to full size and in each size category you can have small, medium or large.  A barrel change between .40 and .357sig of course but you can also convert a 9mm to the other two or vice versa with a slide change.  

The mag well has cut outs on the side for easy gripping of a magazine during malfunction drills.  Something Glock should have done in the Gen 5 but screwed the pooch by putting the cut out in front where your pinky goes.

Prices have dropped dramatically down to where they realistically should be for this type of gun i.e. a poly gun.  Glock will hopefully follow suit one day since they are over priced to begin with. 

So I'm a fan of the P320 and also the P250 which is the hammer fired version that's no longer in production.  Too bad about that.
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Yep, early versions would fire if they were dropped at a 30* angle from 4 feet or higher. A lighter trigger and a disconnector solved the issue so now they're more than perfectly safe and they still have an outstanding trigger pull. I really like being able to swap the FCU into different grip frames and you can even get a caliber conversion kit or a kit to give you a different size gun(i.e. turn your compact into a full size or your full size into a sub-compact, etc) shipped right to your door, no FFL needed. That means in States where you've got to jump through a ton of hoops to buy a handgun you can get ONE P320 then get a couple different kits so you'll have your Sub-Compact for CCW and Full Size for range use or a Compact for a carry/bedside gun. Very versatile system IMHO.
For one of my Grandson's first handguns we picked him up a P250 Compact in 40cal because I liked the long, smooth trigger pull which gives him a decent margin of safety. I'm going to send him my Small Sub-Compact grip frame, a 10 round 40cal magazine and a holster so he can put the Compact 40cal top end on the Sub-Compact grip frame for CCW use. You just have to love being able to do so much with a handgun like this.

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