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Picking up a Sig P320sc tomorrow.
Adding to my 9mm collection by picking up a Sig P320sc. I had the compact and it was a nice gun but a bit larger than I wanted so I sold it. I missed that gun so I have a sup-compact on order and with any luck it'll be in tomorrow so I'll do a first look then a shooting review on it so watch for the vids. Talk to ya'll later.
I see that Brownell's have the P320SC for $399.  Very good price.  To tell the truth, I really like the P320/P250 pistols.  I like the modularity.  I like that I can change the grip frame to full, carry, compact or subcompact.  I like that I can have large, medium or small for each.  I like that I can change color.  All for about $30 give or take.  And the pistol just feels good in the hand.  

I've looked at the SC before and have been VERY tempted.
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