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Squirrel Defense Part II
I recently (before my Peru trip) picked up a a couple BRN 22 stripped receivers from Brownells. These are essentially 10/22 receivers.  Bought them when they were on sale for 10% off with free shipping.  I also found an FFL who does $10 transfers (and only charged me for one) so it was a deal I couldn't pass up.

Now I own half a dozen 10/22s so I didn't need another one but I don't own a 10/22 Charger pistol so these are intended to fill that gap. Essentially  the intent is to build a quasi SBR with a pistol brace.  Just a reminder that once a rifle always a rifle but if you start with a pistol you can make it into a rifle and then back into a pistol anytime.

I picked the receivers up the day before I left for Peru so didn't have a chance to even look at them until I got home. 

I choose to buy the railed receivers (top) shown with a Ruger receiver. the BRN has a f;at black semi parkerized finish.

[Image: XSKg097.jpg]

I used stock parts out of a standard 10/22.  I found that the bolt would not go in the BRN.  I soon discovered that the bolt guide shelf was too long.  I took a file and started working it back a few thousands of an inch until I could get the bolt to drop in.  I next discovered that while the bolt would slide back and forth, inserting the trigger assembly locked it up.  I was using an old (circa 1976) 10/22 for parts.  I eventually tried a trigger assembly from a new rifle and after lubing the bolt with Break Free got it to cycle.

I had a barrel that a friend cut down to 6" and gave me a couple years ago in anticipation of making a 10/22 pistol some day. I slid it in and tightened it up.  You can't put a short barrel receiver on a rifle stock so looking around in my box of parts I came across and old plastic Ruger stock I had drilled a bunch of holes in to lighten it.  I did a crappy job so it wasn't a big sacrifice to cut the stock off and use it as a pistol stock at least for proof of concept.  I also added a red dot optic to it.

First test firing resulted in a number of malfunctions i.e, stove pipes. The bolt wasn't moving freely.  After more lube and cycling the action by hand, and 5 or 6 mags of ammo run through it I got it working reliably.

She ain't pretty but it proves the concept that it will work. I can now start looking for a pistol grip stock with a brace. I also intend to have my friend thread the barrel for a future suppressor.

The preliminary result...

[Image: vVQ1tSi.jpg]

BTW, the stock screw is a thumb screw I use for quickly swapping stocks in and out.  I will use a regular stock screw when I get the final stock on it.

As shown is weighs 2.8 lbs. The barreled receiver is 11" long by itself. 16" long with the stock. There is no real purpose for 2.8 lb/16" long 22 handgun other than to make it into a quasi SBR.

The second receiver will be made into a pistol first as well. Probably will have my friend cut down another barrel but probably longer (9 or 10") this time.
I've been thinking about doing a braced charger too. I need to do something for my extra suppressor.
I got the second receiver put together and test fired with the pistol barrel. It works.
I was looking at the KIDD 10" barrel and the Copper Custom adapter with tailhook brace.
Add a good trigger and this could get expensive.
I'm kinda looking at the PMACA stock.
I like that. It has been a while since I messed with a 10/22. Add a can, holographic sight, and counterbalanced stock...

I would have $800-$1k tied up in it before it was over. Nope, I'm good.
(09-16-2018, 01:08 AM)Tsquare Wrote: I like that. It has been a while since I messed with a 10/22. Add a can, holographic sight, and counterbalanced stock...

I would have $800-$1k tied up in it before it was over. Nope, I'm good.

Yeah, more toys to waste money on...I hear ya    Big Grin

The receivers were $80/each on sale with free shipping. Plus $10 fee from Brownells plus I found a pawn shop with $10 FFL tranfer fee and he only charged me for one. So a total of $180. I actually bought two in case my son wanted one. The internal parts were swapped out from another 10/22. The barrel was free (given to me by a friend). I have a number of other 10/22 barrels he would cut down and thread for free. I have half a dozen old wood stocks I acquired cheap or free from swapping I could cut down and reconfigure. I have a number of red dot optics and/or scopes/pistol scopes I could use. So yeah, more money to waste on toys but I could do it on the cheap if I really wanted to. I think one will be done cheap and the other not.
I got the second receiver put together and ran it with the short barrel and stock. It ran fine through 5 mags worth of ammo (50 rounds) after a few stove pipes initially. Now I just have to pick up another barrel and make a pistol grip stock for it.
Starting to work on a wood stock for my pistols.  Rough shape right now and I need another belt for my sander.

[Image: rIqEXpz.jpg]
The evolution...

The pig nose adapter arrives...

[Image: QXjad5M.jpg]

With more shaping and tube...

[Image: O5Oi449.jpg]

More sanding/shaping and with brace installed...

[Image: XQk8qBR.jpg]

Stained and with optic...ready for the hoards of zombie squirrels

[Image: vSTxCJl.jpg]

With the buffer tube hinge...It makes if about 2" longer but it folds up nicely

[Image: 407IPZB.jpg]

[Image: Zt1RIt3.jpg]

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