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Considering a rifle...
Been using my wife's van quite a bit back and forth to work.  Wouldn't mind getting a 'truck gun' for it as well.  Thinking about another shotgun but if I ran up on a deal for another 995 I'd consider it.  Either way would be good to have something in addition to my carry pistol.
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I really do get the idea of a PCC. I think the new Ruger makes perfect sense in that is uses Glock mags and is easily stowed in a vehicle. My truck gun is a shotgun but I usually keep my Glock 22 in my truck with extra mags even though I mostly EDC my LC9. I always thought that if the SHTF while I was traveling or out and about it would be better to have a full size pistol rather than a pocket gun. In that case the Ruger PCC makes a lot of sense in that it uses the same mags as my Glock (with a 9mm conversion barrel). I think that would make a good package together.

I've also carried a AR pistol in the truck at times but I'm in the process of changing AR parts around so that's on the workbench.

My travel trailer/RV gun is a .22 rifle. Usually a 10/22 but sometimes my Marlin 795 that I set up as a survival rifle. I actually have bunch of 10/22s but the one I carry in my trailer is a basic plastic stocked carbine with a 16" bbl, fiber optic sights and one of those Ruger Lasermax lasers that replace the front barrel band. It is primarily a backup gun my wife could use, and of course a fun plinker and small game rifle. I'd love to have a 10/22 takedown but I don't really need one and the want is outweighed by the cost of yet another 10/22.

My 795 is set up with the stock full of survival gear as well as stock pouch full of stuff. It is pretty much a grab and go rifle. Compared to the 10/22 the 795 is narrower and lighter. The mags, though they stick out the bottom of the rifle are narrower than 10/22 mags and are easy to store inside the hollow stock. I have Tech Sights on my 795 and it is more accurate than my 10/22. If I am going back and forth to my hunting property I prefer the 795. If my wife and/or daughter is with me I usually take the 10/22 because both have been trained on and are more familiar with the 10/22.
This thread got me to dig out my UZI. I had forgotten how compact it is when taken down. The barrel comes off and the stock folds up. The whole thing is only as long as the 16" bbl. It's heavy but built like a brick shiite house. Not very ergonomic but very little recoil. It's probably been ten years since I shot it.

I built it from a receiver and surplus parts back in the AWB days. Other than the receiver I bought all the parts off of ebay (before they banned gun parts for awhile). I think I probably have enough parts to build another one if I had a receiver.

Going to have to throw it in the truck the next time I go up to my property.

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