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Alcohol & Prepping
I thought I would start a thread on this topic to relieve this traffic on the precious metals thread.

Alcohol can be used as a topical- use as a anti-bacterial, burns and insect bites.
Alcohol can also be used as an disinfectant use to clean wombs, tools, eating utensils and knifes etc.
Drinking alcohol can help with pain and obviously you can get buzzed, drunk, whatever?

I read that Jack Daniels is a favorite with preppers buying it by the case?
Please add some information on alcohol and its many uses, the best types to stockpile? How could it be bartered, in what amounts traded etc. Huh
Okay, I'll play...

I'm guessing something like Everclear for medicinal purposes. Wouldn't want to drink the stuff however.

Otherwise Gin, Vodka, Rum and Whiskey for barter or personal use would do nicely. I am not a Gin, Vodka or Rum drinker per se but anything would do in a pinch.

As for barter, I would think buying pints by the case would be the best way to do it, though fifths would probably be more economical. I probably only buy a couple fifths a year of whiskey (scotch and/or bourbon) so I am no expert on drinking or alcohol.
Better yet get a still and make your own. The still can double to purify water.
Wife and I have talked about this, but just have not been able to bring ourselves to purchasing any. It serves a good purpose and would be useful, but my wife came from an alcoholic family. Her father drank himself to death shortly after we got married. Her brother is an alcoholic. It is just hard for us to think about bringing alcohol into the house seeing how destructive it has been on her family.

From a prepping standpoint, we think it is a great idea. From a moral standpoint, it is difficult for us.
I buy plain 190 proof Everclear.   I usu buy 6 bottles at a time.

No not for drinking straight, but if split 50% with almost anything, you have a good 90+pf of a mixed drink.
It will last forever if sealed.
As mentioned, for medical purposes, it goes far as can also be deluted

Usu rotate it over the year, in summer I make NY (no still needed, just a large pot ) versions of Lemon aide Ice tea with it and Apple pie in colder weather
( hand out mason jars to friends with candy cane and ribbon near the holidays )

Lemon aide uses frozen 1 can of quality lemonade, water as recommended, then I add ice tea mix till sweet enough
weaken with water as wanted

Apple Pie;
I make the NY version cause the "real" apple pie is really a mixed drink in VA at about 40 proof. ( half apple cider and half corn whiskey )

I don't cook mine or use cinnamon stick ( can get to strong as it sits )

3 cans frozen apple juice
3 cans water ( or 4-5 or more if you like it less potent ) ( Apple pie was really a "mixed" drink at about 40 proof )
1 1/2 - 2 cups Brown sugar ( your sweetness level see below )
1 liter of 190proof everclear
2 table spn cinnamon
1/4 t-spn spoon pumkin spice

Mix above and only 1 cup brn sugar, stir , taste as you go for sweetness ( and add up to another cup as wanted )
Pour into jars and that's it... shake before pour ( comes out at aprox 65 proof depending on additional water )

Remember to add and taste, you can always add more but not take it out.
I can see alcohol as a valuable barter tool for the reasons mentioned above.  I'll add that you can make a tincture with it which is why I have a small supply of Vodka on hand.  

I'm not a drinker at all.  But I do have a very small supply of whiskey, rum etc.  I bought a whiskey bottle several years ago (probably 10) for a recipe and only used a small amount trying to make Oak Barrel salmon.  I also bought a bottle of spiced rum on a cruise because I had a sore throat.  That was also nearly 10 years ago and I've used probably a shot glass worth out of it over the years for sore throats and such.

Not a drinker at all obviously but it does have value in specific areas.
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I actually buy small pints from time to time. Reasons all include:

#1 Barter - more on that later
#2 Disinfect/clean
#3 Flammable
#4 Recreational/relax factor during stress times
#5 Pain Killer (in quantity)
* The pints are portable, non-breakable plastic
* I generally get Vodka, but the occasional whiskey

One of the big things soldiers have learned in extended combat periods and post war SHTF's is that certain things have barter value. Tobacco, Alcohol, Sweets, and Coffee.

Notice they are all "luxury" and addictive type items? For those who are addicted, or escapists, those things have value big time. Especially in a short term / unstable disruption of services. Easily divided into small units or packages, able to be traded with a know value, and NOT a priority for survival.
Folk barter booze for many things,meds or a buzz.In a SHTF sit,I can see both ends.We produce/store for both events.Yeast and fruit juice for fun or everclear for meds.Coin toss.'08.
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Quantity has a quality all of its own.
I have a large quantity on hand and I explain.
1. I am aware of the moral question and the tendency of some people to become alcoholics.
2. I represented a distillery at one time and am aware of what passes for "good" although most stuff is just a matter of flavors and not some purported secret water source or recipe.
3. The shtf alcohol is purchased in plastic containers that don't break in storage and I have plastic pint bottles for re-bottling. You cannot store wine, but you can store rum/whisky/gin/vodka without consideration of heat sources.
4. I buy the cheap wines/liquor for parties about a year ahead of time and the same for the better quality items that I give as gifts for birthdays and holidays. This allows me to have a potential stockpile for shtf and to shop periodic sales.
5. If you find a liquor that you like, buy a back up bottle or two. It won't go bad. However, for marketing reasons, it may not be available when you want to buy a replacement.
Don't get me a pinch, I'm tearing down the preparedness booze stash to keep the party going!

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