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SJCam Legend Camera
The SJ Cam Legend is a Go Pro type action camera at a fraction of the price.   I looked at Go Pro cameras but just couldn't justify the cost.  Started looking around at alternatives (there are lots of cheaper ones) and after reading numerous reviews settled on the SJ Legend.  I like the Legend because it has a touch screen.   I bought mine on sale last summer for $118. They regularly go for $150-160 (which is still $200 less than a Go Pro).  I've taken it to Hawaii, the Smoky Mountains and on a couple of cruises.  It has worked well and takes outstanding video.

It got pretty good reviews on line and on youtube....

Recently found it for $100 on Amazon.  I thought that is a very good deal so I bought another one to take to Peru at the end of the month.

Comes with a waterproof housing and a bunch of mounts so you can take it diving/snorkeling, on bicycles, helmets, chest rigs etc, etc. I've taken some pretty good under water video with mine.  I strap it to one of my hiking poles to carry on the trail and it also doubles as a selfie stick. Carried it all over the Smokies when I was there hiking.

[Image: 2p8yBFe.jpg]

[Image: 8ishQGW.jpg]

It takes 1080p HD video and stills on a up to 64 GB micro SD card. Average run time is about 90 minutes on a battery charge though lasts a lot longer on standby. My original one came with two batteries. The cheaper one comes with a one battery with a charging cord. Extra batteries are fairly inexpensive and I have 4 extra ones.

If you need or want an sport/action cam, this is good quality adventure/action cam and $100 is a great deal. Could be used on trips, shooting outings, etc, etc.

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