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Medical Marijuana ?
Dave - fantastic! If it works, it works. Good for you.

I fully respect the opinions of those who are against it for whatever reason, given that you also feel that way about alcohol and tobacco.

If you feel that alcohol and tobacco are ok but not MJ, well, then I suggest you check your reasoning. There is simply no logical, scientific, rational, or other support whatsoever to allow both of those and not MJ. MJ is by far the least damaging/dangerous of all of those items.

Being a supporter of freedom above all, I believe it is your choice to ingest, imbibe, or otherwise consume whatever you so choose. Your time, your business. Please stay out of mine! The fact is, people will consume what they consume, and always have. I'm not interested in the police state that would be required to stop it (which, history has shown, has not succeeded either). As always - responsibility and accountability apply. Your freedom ends where your actions involuntarily impact me! And same for me.
.Gub don't want it.It'll mean they failed in the "war on drugs".I do know "our" admin is LEO,I had an ex/good one.We were together for 8yrs,she was diagnosed with stomach cancer/goody powders did that.She couldn't eat/hold down anything.Pot gave her an appetite and gave her 3 more yrs.It helps glaucoma patients and extends all types of cancer patients lives.Folk will do whatever it takes to live,if a joint extends ones life/no harm to others/I'm for it.It's not for rec,it's to extend their life.

To be honest and legal about it,"dope"is a states rights issue..Gub has no legal standing in the matter.The states have become so addicted to "fed" $$$$ They have whored their states rts out.Kneeling at the almighty $ shrine.'08.

Bob,I do apologize i messed up my "" of you.
If you look like food,you will be eaten.

I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

Quantity has a quality all of its own.
Wars are not fought against "Bad" things - they are fought against boogey men (Commies, drugs, religious zealots, etc....) to give them an excuse to exercise power, make money, etc.

No problem. K. I see what you were shooting' at there....
Most people that use medical marijuana don't even get high, they just want the benefits of having it in their system.

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