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Wellington Boots as a Prep
I raise this question because i live in a semi rural area and have always had wellington boots, always dunlop brand and until today i never thought of them as a prep item. Rather annoying 20 years prepping and overlooking such a basic item, this will be a long weekend searching for what else i missed or dismissed because they where to familar.

I dropped into the farm supply store coming home from work to get afew rolls of pig mesh and they had dunlop wellingtons on sale, about $8 a pair for adult $6 for kids. Out of the blue the thought struck me, feck in SHTF no new wellingtons, we all have several sets in various conditions and while very durable they will wear out.

Milsurp boots are great wear em for work everyday but they do leak eventually, but warm and dry feet in winter in a comfortable, durable and affordable welly is a win. 

So a new prep item for my lists, now i will worry and wonder what else i have over looked.
In my neighborhood Wellingtons are a low heel slip on leather cowboy type boot. What are you referring to?

They come in a varitiy sizes from shoe high to thigh high, basic unlined to high tech linings, I live in the UK god help me and the dunlop boots are the goto for quality and price. From $10 a pair to $200+ for designer types , most of mine are the basic cheap ones but i have acouple of pairs that are thigh high for river fishing, the neoprened line ones are nice to lovely and warm.

You make your choice and pay the price, my uncle is a hill farmer in wales (insert sheep jokes here) and his boots last 2-3 years he says with everyday 12hrs aday hard agri use, mud /sheep sheet/ sheep dip/ rain/ sleet/ snow. No they don't breath, Yes you have to air them out, yes your feet will sweat, no it's not perfect, but it works and works well for a good price unless you get daft about what you want.

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