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Water Well pump kit for sale. Awesome!
I came across this on facebook

It looks really cool. It can't possibly be that easy! 

The downside is that you have to be in an area where the water table is relatively high. Here in Texas, it's over 100 feet in most areas, but they claim in the video that they have done it by hand to 50ft.
It is easy if you live in an area that has a high water table and sandy/loamy soil.

When I was a teenager my dad and I did a few shallow wells in a few hay fields to get water to the cows. We would take a 250 gallon tank of water, a gas pump, and 10' sections of PVC to water drill them into the ground. The water table was 10' to 20' down and we usually went with 3 sections leaving about 3' sticking out of the dirt. Once it was drilled we had a gas powered pump with water level switch that would start the pump when it was low and it would run until the water trough was filled to the shut off point. It would take about a dozen cycles to wash out the basin to where it was large enough for the pump to run for a half hour without going dry.

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