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U.S. appeals court says 2nd Amendment allows the open carrying of guns
U.S. appeals court says 2nd Amendment allows the open carrying of guns
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

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I'm allowed to stuff Cheetos in my nose. I wouldn't.
(07-26-2018, 02:40 PM)Bob Wrote: I'm allowed to stuff Cheetos in my nose.  I wouldn't.

Yes, but at least you can buy Cheetos, there are some states that limit what you can buy, yet alone where you can put it.

This is a ruling in the right direction to get them their freedoms back. The states have boxed themselves into a corner with the recent court rulings stating that concealed carry is not a right.

It will be interesting to see what the lower HI court does since the case was sent back down to them. The easy solution is that HI gives him a carry permit and the case goes away.

If the file for an en banc hearing and wins, then it gives the chance for it to go to SCOTUS which will impact everyone. Currently, it is limited to 9th district jurisdiction.

Here is the recent court case where it was ruled that concealed carry is not a right:

So, they either have to deny any carrying of firearms outside the home, which is complete ban of bearing arms or the 9th has to uphold that open carry is covered by the Constitution since they ruled concealed carry is not covered.
I firmly believe that .Gov has gone so far they do not care what the Constitution says any more, which is supported by the fact the the American people keep voting for Republicans and Democrats - both of which support things so far from the point that the forefathers would have been open carrying a long time ago....and not in a civil peaceful way.

I also think that no house really wants an armed citizenry anymore. While the Dems currently fight the battle, Republicans maintain enough balance to inspire the wrath of "The Base"

And yes - it is a move in a good direction. And good things are good.

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