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Not often I surprise my wife
Sunday, she had a craving from a candy bar. I went to the bedroom and came back and handed her a Hersey Bar. She was surprised that I have candy, since I'm not a huge candy fan.

I took her into the bedroom and showed her the survival cache of candy and she was shocked. I pointed out a few things about candy:

  1. It is a great comfort food; when everything is going sideways, sitting down for five minutes and eating a chocolate candy bar can change your mood
  2. Good source of quick energy/calories
  3. Can be used to trade for other goods
  4. Used as bait to traps for game animals
Obviously, you wouldn't want the candy bar to be your only prep, but it is a very nice addition that might just be the right picky me up when all else is failing around you.
Good post! Never thought about candy. You could also melt it down and fondue food that may be undesirable.

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