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fuel for a M1950 stove
Would it be safe/efficient to use 91% Isopropyl or denatured alcohol in a M1950 military stove?  I believe the stove was designed for regular gasoline.
Colman white fuel works best. Will work with anything that burns- so I've heard... Cool stove.
The M1950 was designed for the Coleman white fuel or gasoline. The alcohol stove fuel is 99%. I am not sure what the results would be but I would think it would be a blue or invisible flame. The other 9% in 91% Isopropyl is water.
Big Grin 
Thanks guy's. Looks like another excuse to go to Wally World on Monday. Oh well it's fuel dat. Propane, rec gas and now Coleman fuel.
The white fuel also works well in a Zippo lighter.

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