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'18 Midterms and 2020 Elections
'18 Midterms - At this point, either democrats will win big or republicans will win big. Either way, America will lose big. 

2020... Hillary again?? Apparently so. Elizabeth Warren? Can she identify as a president? Bernie resurrection? Will he be the left wing doormat again? Ehh... preppers, keep on prepping.

I'm finding the words of Mr. Twain more and more true everyday.

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Midterms is going to be very interesting. Democrats are in a do or die situation and Republicans have to keep majority to be able to stand a chance of them accomplishing anything.

2020, well I'm not sure who they will put up against President Trump. If they want to stand a chance, they need to put someone much more towards the middle, but I think the Democrats will continue to look at the extremes for their leadership.
For GA we have too many career politicians that go off to congress and somehow come back as a multi-millionaire after a term.

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