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Mouse Gun Review
Finally got my Ruger LCP and Remington RM380 out to shoot.  Took along a couple other mouse guns (Keltec P32 and a Colt 1903 in 32 acp) as well.

[Image: ubjmUa5.jpg]

First the RM380...
Slightly larger than the LCP, it has a more positive, wilder grip which softens the recoil somewhat. It was easier to shoot than the LCP though the trigger was way long and spongy. Probably the worse trigger on any pistol I've ever shot. It was so long and spongy that you never knew when it was going to go off. That made follow up shots nearly impossible to aim.  Of course these guns are made to be used at arms length but that doesn't excuse the almost useless trigger. Add to the fact that it virtually has no sights makes shot placement impossible.  I was able to keep my shots on a IDPA 1/2 silouette at 5 yards but just barely and not rapidly.  It's a good thing I paid less than $150 out the door (after shipping and FFL fee) because it's the last pistol I would carry. That's unfortunate because it is a handy size and shoots comfortably (except for the trigger and sights).  Part of the comfort of shooting the RM was the addition of the Hogue grip. I intended to shoot it with and without the grip, but it was darn hot out when I was shooting and I got tired. BTW, it came with two mags.

Ruger LCP....
People who complain about the LCP's trigger should try the RM380 first. It makes the LCP trigger feel fantastic. The LCP's recoil wasn't as bad as I remember it. Maybe because I've been lifting weights and my hands are stronger since the last time I shot one but both the trigger and recoil felt lighter than I remember. It's snappy but not overly so.  I had intended to shoot it with the Hogue grip I have for it but as I said the temps were in the mid to upper 90s and I gassed out.  Like the RM, the LCP has virtually no sights. With my old eyes and teeny tiny little sights shooting groups became impossible, which is the reason why I'm not posting pictures of the targets.  I intend to paint the sights white or yellow or orange so I can at least get an idea where they are.  Along with the Hogue grip and painted sights the LCP would make a decent backup or light carry gun.  Paid $189 (including shipping and FFL fee) for the LCP. Supplied with one mag, second mag provided by Dave (thanks Dave).

Keltec P32...
What can I say, the P32 is the father of micro pocket pistols. I've had this one for a long time. I carried it as backup gun and undercover before retiring it to a drawer for the last decade and a half.  This one has the sights painted white so I could actually see where I was shooting. Nevertheless, the 32 acp out of this tiny gun makes it a bit snappy, though not as much as the LCP.  I've heard people call it "the gun your carry when you can't carry a gun".   The LCP being just "oh, just so much bigger" relegates the P32 to being obsolete. Anywhere you can carry the P32 you can carry the 380 LCP so why wouldn't you?  Don't remember what I paid for the P32 which I bought used but it was somewhere around $100 back in the day, fluffed and buffed with two mags.

Colt Hammerless 1903...
The original "pocket pistol" it dates all the way back to it's introduction in 1903. The favorite of lawmen, gangsters, and was the US Military's General Officer's Pistol well into the 1960's.  Also quite popular in the movies.   Mine was made in 1926 and picked up at a garage sale about 10 years ago. Needless to say it is old school and has the deep blue Colt finish on it.  Even though it is all steel and much heavier than the other guns it has surprisingly snappy recoil, though  the 32 acp is  mild compared to other centerfire pistols.  The sights are tiny and hard to see but it is a natural pointer and a pleasure to handle.
I like the looks of the Colt.

As you pointed out, those are belly guns, not range guns.
Here are some more photos of the guns...

I really liked the look and feel and size of the RM. If it wasn't for the trigger I would seriously consider carrying it.
[Image: gVKp9sP.jpg?1]

I even made a nice holster for it.

[Image: AK4I69V.jpg]

As I did with the LCP

[Image: 4ySz2ax.jpg]

The relative size between the P32 and the '03. Old school vs. new school

[Image: zWl7arQ.jpg]

Size comparison between the P32, RM380 and a Ruger LC9

[Image: dQ1MiMn.jpg]

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