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Dave's buying has me thinking
Dave's new toy every week has got me a little jealous and looking over my wish-list. Now, there is nothing I need, but sure is a lot of things that I would like. 

Here is my short list, understanding the order changes day-by-day:
  • Freedom FX-9 PCC (pistol version)
  • Glock 23 Gen 4
  • Glock 20 Gen 4
  • Glock 19 Gen 5
  • Henry Big Boy 357/38
That is my short list, what is on your list?
Dave's new gun of the week consistently reminds me that we are all different. He loves the buying/selling/trading way more than I do. My short list is all stuff I don't need and probably wouldn't use much if I got. All my gun needs are already met. I'm much more into fine tuning and perfecting what I already have.

If I had a bunch of extra fun money, I'd get
Ruger 77/357
S&W 686 4"
Ruger American predator 6.5 creedmoor.
Okay, I'll play...

Ruger PC Carbine
Mossberg Shockwave (just because)
Ruger American in 450 Bushmaster
I forgot about the Ruger PCC, great another one for my list.
We all have our own lists. Mine, in order, goes something like this:

A Glock 38, 39, and AR-GAP pistol to round out the 45GAP family
An early model Beretta Inox or the Taurus 92AF clone in stainless that has a zero round count
A Glock 40 with a 40 conversion and 357 Sig conversion
Ruger Stainless Speed6 and Secuity6 in 357 Mag
44 Auto Mag - just Because...

I am good in the rifle department.
I'm happy I could serve as source material for your thread  Big Grin

While I admit that during the last year I've done more horse trading that the last ten combined, it's generally been in the upward trend.  Not counting the firearms I got for my wife and son, I currently have six firearms.  Three 9mm and three .40 S&W.  And I have the ability to shoot 9mm out of two of the .40's.  That makes four Glocks, one HK and one Walther.  So not a bad selection.  

What would I still want?  I dunno really.  A PCC would be nice such as the Ruger.  I don't have any revolvers anymore but I wouldn't be opposed to picking one up if I saw a deal.  A Glock 23/32 would catch my eye.  I enjoyed the HK P30SK V1 LEM I had.  

We'll see what the future holds...
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