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Reminder to protect against ticks
It is that time of year and two weekends ago was outside and two different people with me ended up with ticks (one on him, the other on his range bag).

I checked and found none on me, but I also had treated my bag, cart, boots, and pants with tick repellent. It is supposed to last for 1-2 months.

PS-I seen it at Walmart the other day, so you may be able to pick it locally.
Have gotten a couple on me this summer already... in NY.

One walking , one in for a short time... came right out with a tick key. Gotta respray my pants when walking in the tall weeds.
The bugs are terrible this year. I thought with the snow and cold start of spring they'd wouldn't be as bad. Seems like it made them worse.
BTW, recommend those to all, all my vehicles and kids have them , got mine bunch on ebay..use to be a 6 pack for like $12.... looks like now double

Tick Key ;

Edit... looked at amazon just now... there are the original one with a flat lip that comes to a point ( see pics on amazon ) and new ones ( or fake copies ) that have a larger opening.
seems like the new ones don't works as well for smaller ticks
+1 on the tic key. I bought a couple a few years ago in orange. Don't remember the price but it does come in handy.
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